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General requirements

  • Is the swimming pool registered?

  • Is the swimming pool surrounded by a child resistant barrier that separates the pool from any residential building?

  • Are pools that are not associated to the pool, such as a garage, carport, she, pergola, clothes line or the like, outside the pool area?

External walls and windows

  • Do external walls of the house that form part of the barrier comply?<br>* walls do not contain openings greater than 100mm

  • Windows opening directly into the pool area where lowest opening of sill is less than 1800mm above ground level<br>* windows fixed with fasteners that can only be removed by the use of a tool to open a maximum of <br> 100mm or<br>* opening is fitted with a permanently fixed metal mesh or grill (max 100mm opening) only able to be removed with the use of a tool

Fencing and NCZ (non climb able zones)

  • Do non climb able zones comply with the following:<br>* NCZ1 - 900mm horizontal separation along the pool barrier<br>* NCZ2 - 900mm horizontal separation outside the pool area<br>* NCZ3 - 300mm inside pool barrier<br>* NCZ4 - 900mm from top of pool barrier in an arc

  • Are there any projections and ledges that can be used to climb measuring greater than 10mm deep?

  • Are the gaps beneath the fence and gate less than 100mm?

  • Are there gaps between the fencing bars less than 100mm?

  • Is there a minimum 900mm separation between the upper and lower horizontal components?

  • Landscaping, associated lighting and other fixtures or furniture do not intrude into the NCZ -900mm

  • Are handrails for any stairs forming part of the pool barrier is at least 1200mm taken as an arc?

  • Do balconies adjacent to the pool that fall within 900mm NCZ, and/or have direct stair access into the pool area, and/or have a distance (h3) of less than 1.8m above FGL of the pool area have a balustrade that complies with AS 1926.1?

Boundary fence requirements

  • Do boundary fences that are used as part of the barrier comply? That is:-<br>* Are they in a good state of repair?<br>* 1.8m in height measured from inside the pool area?<br>* No steps/level change within 500mm of barrier (so as to maintain height requirement)<br>* Is a 900mm inside NCZ 5 provided ( Note: NCZ is not validated by a intersection of a barrier that is less than 50mm wide and intersects at an angle between 45 and 135 degrees)<br>* Are internal barriers wider than 50mm within NCZ 5 at least 1.8m high?<br>* Are horizontal rails that abut the fencing adequately protected?

  • Is access from public areas restricted?

Intersecting barriers

  • Do barriers less than 1.8m in height that intersects a barrier with greater than 1.8m at an angle less than 90 degrees comply? ( Ie- NCZ1 and NCZ 2 on the lower barrier extend 900mm)


  • Do perforated or mesh barriers comply with the following? <br>* aperture is less than 13mm, fence height not less than 1200mm, complies with 2.1 & 2.2<br>* aperture greater than 13mm and less than 100mm, fence height not less than 1800mm

  • Are there any projections or indentations greater than 10mm within NCZ 1900mm apart as required?

  • Do horizontal components within NCZ 1 & 2 comply? ( with top surface measuring greater than 10mm or can be used as a foothold/handhold have a surface slope of greater than 60 degrees?

  • Are all vertical components less than 100mm apart?

  • Is the gap beneath the fence less than 100mm?

Gates and Fittings

  • Does the gate/s open outwards?

  • Is the gate/s self-closing from any open position?

  • Is the self-latching device in good working order?

  • Is the latch at least 1.5m above FGL or appropriately shielded?

  • Is the gate clear of any obstructions which may keep the gate opened?

  • Is 900mm NCZ 1 maintained at Penelope intersections?

  • Do hinges that protrude more than 10mm in NCZ 1 & 2 comply? (Splayed top or cone)

Other barriers

  • Do retaining walls used as barriers comply?

Child resistant windows

  • Do windows leading into the pool area measure 1.8m above pool area FGL comply with the following?<br>* Totally covered by bars or a mesh screen that are fixed to the building and can only be removed<br> by the use of a tool. The opening between bars is less than 100mm<br>* Be fixed to the building with fasteners that can only be removed by the use of a tool so that it will <br> remain closed or will only open to 100mm

  • Is the pool

  • Images of pool barrier and surrounds

  • The upgrade of the pool barrier should be completed within<br>Unless otherwise agreed to by Council

  • The above matters should not be considered exhaustive and other works may be required to fully comply. It is recommended you engage a suitable contractor to review the existing pool with a view of complying with the Swimming Pools Act 1992 and Australian Standards

  • Should you have any further queries please contact myself on the below numbers or by email: Jenny Bukovac - 02 9911 6408 or mobile - 0408548041 Email: council@canadabay.nsw.gov.au

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