Fire safety and emergency response

  • Evacuation plan is present and displayed ?

  • Lock down and evacuation procedure on display ?

  • The evacuation alarm is audible from the room

  • Are aisles free from obstruction and fire routes clear min 600mm ?

  • Doors can be opened from the inside without a key ?

  • Is fire response equipment accessible and not blocked ?

General condition of room

  • Carpet and flooring in good condition with no damage or trip hazards ?

  • Walls are in good condition and without damage ?

  • Room is clean and tidy ?

  • Ceiling appears in good condition, clean and without mould ?

  • Paintwork in good condition and clean ?

Aisles, exits, doors and windows

  • Are doors in good working order and lock securely ?

  • Windows operate well, can be opened and lock securely ?

  • Is glass free from cracks and chips ?

  • Are mats in good condition and free from causing a tripping hazard ?

  • Where present, steps/ramps and handrails are in good condition and secure ?


  • Power points are secure on wall and not damaged ?

  • Power points are working ?

  • All lights work and lighting adequate ? (If no how many are not operating)

  • Area free from leads and cables on floor in traffic areas ?

  • Light switches are in good condition not damaged and are secure on wall ?

  • Fans all work ? (If no how many don't work)

Technology in room

  • Phone works ?

  • All computers work ?

  • Interactive white board working ?

  • Projector working and not displaying error messages (if no what message is being displayed)

Room resources

  • Phone extension list on display ?

  • Furniture, Desks and chairs are in good condition ?

  • Book shelving (if present) is in good condition ?

  • Fixed cupboards: doors close and are in good condition

  • Sinks areas in room are clean and in good working order (no leaks) ?

Chemicals in class room

  • Are ALL chemicals securely locked away and out of reach of children ? (Includes whiteboard cleaners, metho, ect.)

  • All chemicals correctly labelled ?

  • Are safety data sheets present for all chemicals in the area ?

  • Flammable materials and liquids stored in a safe manner ?

Other issues not covered

  • Any items not covered in need of attention ?

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