Part One - General Information

  • Are All Key personnel listed

  • Managers Name and Delegated Responsible Persons Name Listed

  • Names of First Aiders within the department

  • Names of Fire Wardens within the department

  • List of Emergency Contact Details

  • Health and Safety Policy

  • Departmental Health and Safety Policy

  • Health and Safety guidance documents relevant to the area

Part 2

  • Does the Risk Register cover relevant information for the department

  • Is the Risk Register risk rated - High - Medium - Low

  • Does the COSHH register list all Chemicals used within the department (complete inspection of COSHH cupboard)

  • Method statements of how things are done - toolbox talks evidenced

Part 3

  • Departmental Training Matrix evidenced

  • Register of what is trained and who was trained - list of training providers

  • Index of risk assessments that have been completed - indication where risk assessments are kept

  • Are all risk assessments signed dated - and in date

  • Records of Manual Handling Tasks that are completed within the Department - Risk assessments sutiable

  • Evidence of PPE risk assessments

  • PPE register showing list of PPE in stock, when it was last checked

  • Evidence of a system in place for the maintenance, cleaning and replacement and disposal of PPE

Part 4

  • Equipment inventory and asset numbers

  • Evidence of equipment Statutory Tests (Zurich inspection reports)

  • Evidence of remedial action completed on statutory inspections of equipment dated and signed

  • Maintenance records of equipment

  • Check Sheets of visual inspections of equipment signed and dated

  • LEV maintenance records and check sheets with asset numbers (Zurich inspection reports)

Part 5

  • Health and Safety Audit Reports

  • Recommendation sheets that have followed the audit with signatures and dates when the issues were completed

  • Health and Safety guidance and information from Health and Safety Department

Part 6

  • Emergency Procedures - are all emergency procedures listed - evacuation process -

  • Are there maps of the emergency cut off points in each classroom

  • what to do in a power cut

  • what to do if there was a gas leak

  • what to do if there was a water leak

  • What to do if there was an accident/incident/near miss

  • Directives from the emergency planning and business continuity plan for your department

Part 7

  • Accident investigation reports with reviewed risk assessments on controls that have been put in place to prevent a re-occurnce

  • Statical Data stating where the accidents are occurring in the area, information on accident control and prevention

  • Inspection reports from outside agencies i.e. HSE, Fire Brigade, Environmental Health

  • Remedial Action Reports on Health and Safety/Fire issues with actions taken an resolved - dated and signed

Part 8

  • Trips an visits pack stating where going, risk assessment completed

  • Document showing if the trip/visit went well and lessons learnt - what could have been improved

Part 9

  • Any other relevant information

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