Fire Protection Systems

  • All Fire Extinguishers up-to-date and charged?

  • All Fire Extinguishers are accessible and not blocked (36 inch Clearance)?

  • Emergency Lighting is present and Working Properly?

  • Emergency Exit Signs are present and working properly?

  • All fire exits are clear (36 inches clearance around door with 28 inch path to the door)?

  • Fire Suppression System is present and certified?

  • All fire alarm pull stations are clear and not blocked (36 inch clearance)?

  • All fire alarm sirens are clear and visible?

  • All sprinkler heads appear to be in working order?

Maintenance Rooms

  • Maintenance Closets/Boiler Rooms/Chemical Storage Rooms are closed and doors locked at all times?

  • SDS Sheets are available for chemicals present?

  • Eye Wash Stations/Kits are available and in working order?


  • All plugs and switches are in good working order (No damage or burn marks)?

  • No extension cords being used?

  • All classroom doors close and lock properly?

  • All classroom lighting is working and in order?

  • Stored Materials are kept 18 inches from the ceiling?

  • Tornado Shelter Maps are present in all classrooms?

  • Fire Evacuation Maps are present in all classrooms? (Must have 2 routes, compass, and match compass direction)

  • Emergency Bags are present in all classrooms (flashlight, first aid, class roster, etc)?

  • Schools Emergency Plans are available for all classrooms?

School Wide

  • Hallway bulletin consume less then 30% of the total square footage of the wall?

  • Phone system is labeled how to dial 911?

  • Roof access/Basement access is locked at all times?

  • Playground equipment and mulch is maintained?

  • Playground is protected from vehicle access (Barrier)?

  • All exterior windows and doors lock and close properly?

  • Entry way is secure from unwanted visitors?

  • Visitor Logs are present and being utilized?

  • Student Record storage is locked?

  • Medication is labeled and locked at all times?

  • All stairs have handrails and/or slip mats to prevent falls?

  • Rugs/Carpet are present at entry points to prevent falls?

  • Gym is clear of any dangers (hooks on walls, uncovered climbing devices, etc)

  • Proper protective covers are present for Pull Stations, Fire Alarms, and Sprinklers in the Gym?

  • Building address is visible and at-least 4 inches in size?

  • Student bathroom doors can not be locked from the inside?

  • Student emergency contact information is available off site?

  • All breaker boxes are labeled properly?

  • All breaker boxes accessible by students are locked at all times?


  • All exterior doors labeled with number/letter combination?

  • All sidewalks are in good working order?

  • Wheelchair ramps are present and meet ADA requirements?

  • Downspouts are present and drain away from walking paths?

  • Landscaping is well maintained and does not allow access to building roof? (CPTED)

  • Exterior Lighting is present and working properly?

  • Parking lot is properly lined and free of holes and missing pavement?


  • Kitchen is clean and all sharp items are stored away?

  • Kitchen fire extinguisher is appropriate for the type of cooking done? (Class K for grease)

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