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First aid

  • Is there a first aid risk assessment in place?

  • Are first aider contact details displayed?

  • Are first aiders available?

  • Where children under 5 years old may be present are there sufficient staff trained in paediatric first aid?

  • Is there an effective process for ensuring that first aid cover is available for off site visits?

  • Is/are first aid box(es) accessible?

  • Are contents compete, and in date?

  • Is there an effective process for ensuring that fist aid boxes are checked and kept up to date?

  • If there is a defibrillator is there evidence of its correct maintenance? And use by trained personnel?

  • Are staff aware if there are persons on the premises who may have special needs (e.g. Asthma or allergy sufferers) who may need specific medication?

  • Are personal drugs stored securely and appropriately labelled?

  • Comments:

Fire safety

  • Is the evacuation plan displayed?

  • Are staff aware of evacuation procedures?

  • Are fire fighting appliances in place, clearly marked for type of fire, and inspected annually?

  • Are there adequate direction notices for fire exits?

  • Have you navigated your way to a final exit via appropriate signage?

  • At the final exit is there a call point, action notice, fire fighting appliances, and does the exit door open easily from the inside? And is it clear of obstructions?

  • Is there a record of an evacuation drill within the last 6 months?

  • Are their evacuation chairs provided?

  • Are they appropriately located?

  • Are there personnel trained in their correct use?

  • Comments:


  • Is refuse regularly removed from the building?

  • Is there appropriate separation of waste streams?

  • Is refuse stored in appropriate closed containers at suitable position on the site?

  • Comments:


  • Have the following tests been completed and records placed on file?

  • Fixed electrical installation certificate?

  • Calibration records if necessary?

  • Details

  • Comments:

Management of Health & Safety

  • Is there an up to date signed policy statement?

  • Is it clear who carries out health & safety duties, and are their responsibilities detailed?

  • Are arrangements in place to monitor the policy?

  • Are sources of advice and safety representation identified?

  • Are the arrangements for reporting accidents and incident understood and working effectively?

  • Are the following hazards adequately controlled via policies, risk assessments, work instructions and procedures as may be appropriate?

  • Additional use of school premises (e.g. After school club)

  • Asbestos management?

  • Boiler room(s)

  • Contractor management

  • Display Screen Equipment

  • Drain clearance & maintenance

  • Driving & mobile devices

  • Educational visits

  • Electrical safety

  • Emergency planning & business continuity

  • Events management, including plays and functions

  • First aid, ill health & medicines

  • Food preparation

  • Letting of school premises

  • Finger traps

  • Hand tools

  • New / expectant mothers

  • Play equipment

  • Ponds

  • Slips & trips

  • Violence / Security

  • Traffic management

  • Stress management

  • Swimming pool management

  • Working at height

  • Comments:

The role of Governors

  • Has the schools health and safety policy statement been considered by the GB within the last academic year? It should be signed and dated.<br>

  • Is H&S on the GB agenda regularly?<br><br>

  • Is there a committee responsible for H&S?

  • Name of committee ...

  • Does HT report to the GB on H&S?<br><br>Does the GB look at housekeeping?<br>

  • Do governors see ...

  • Do governors undertake their own internal monitoring?


  • Does the school know what constitutes a substance hazardous to health is?

  • Guidance on Bexley Safer Schools website

  • Are substances hazardous to health present on the premises?

  • Are appropriate COSHH assessments in place?

  • Describe product and attach photo(s) showing label:

  • If required is appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available?

  • Comments:

Managing Contractors


  • Are only SSIP accredited contractors used?

  • Are DSB (Disclosure & Barring Service - formerly CRB) checks carried out as necessary? This Gould include sub contractors.

  • Have contractors signed in at start of day, and again when leaving?

  • For all significant contracting work was a pre-meeting and regular health and safety update meetings held before and during the project?

  • Are arrangements in place for ensuring the health and safety of staff and pupils whilst contractors are on the premises? <br>This should include physical separation between works and pupils, staff and visitors.

  • Are checks made to ensure that the site is left safe and secure at the end of the day and during weekends and vacations?

  • Has the work been completed to a safe and adequate standard?

  • Who is delegated the duty for monitoring contractors on school premises? <br>

  • Does the premises manager maintain close liaison with contractors on site?


  • Is 4Thought being updated and e-mail alerts responded to as requiredj?

  • Have any works identified through monitoring been carried out as necessary?

  • Have permits to work been issued where appropriate?

  • Has a Type 3 survey been carried out where necessary?

  • Were licensed contractors used for any works where necessary?

  • Has any asbestos removed been disposed of safely?

  • Have staff been made aware of the presence of asbestos where appropriate and not to cause damage e.g. by pinning etc.?

  • Are staff aware of the procedures for reporting hazards/damaged asbestosis etc.?<br>

  • Are staff aware of the hazards of asbestos and emergency procedures to be followed in the event of accidental exposure?

  • Has training been carried regarding 4Thought and the management of asbestos?<br>N.B. New staff/need for refresher training.

HSE Checklist

  • HSE Asbestos Management - Checklist for Schools

  • Is the school management team aware who has the overall legal responsibility for the management of maintenance and repair of the school buildings?

  • Has the dutyholder carried out a management survey?

  • Does the management survey highlight the location of ACMs?

  • Has the dutyholder assessed the potential risk from the ACMs?

  • Does the dutyholder have a management plan detailing how to manage the risks from any ACMs at your school?

  • Are precautions in place to ensure anyone who may disturb ACMs is provided with information about any asbestos present?

  • Are any in-house staff, who may undertake maintenance work, adequately trained?


  • Are all checks carried out as laid down in the risk assessment for the control of legionella and records. kept of such checks?

  • Was corrective action taken as appropriate for any problems found during checks?

  • Have staff that require training on legionella management been adequately trainedi?

  • Is the probe used working effectively and has it been calibrated annually with a record kept?

Electrical Safety

  • Has the electrical installation been checked by a competent electrician within the last five years?

  • <br>Have all works identified been carried out?

  • Has all portable electrical equipment been PAT tested at an appropriate interval?

  • Has a central register of portable electrical appliance testing records been maintained?

  • Has a label indicating the last test date been fixed to each portable electrical appliance?

  • Is secondhand equipment brought in?

  • Is it tested?

  • Staff/pupils own items?


  • Has a glazing survey been carried out to identify areas of high risk? (i.e. safety glazing may be required)

  • Where areas of high risk glazing have been identified has remedial action being programmed/undertaken?

  • Is there any signs of damage/broken glazing that requires replacement and are records kept?

Finger Traps

  • Are steps taken to remove/minimise the need for pupils to gather near the doors?

  • Is queuing by pupils in areas away from doors or where possible nearby doors are locked (apart from fire doors)?<br>

  • Are displays, posters or notice boards not placed near/adjacent to doors?<br>

  • Is essential equipment not positioned adjacent to or immediately behind doors e.g. a paper towel dispenser?

  • Are pupils given briefings on the dangers of finger trapping?

  • Are pupils are adequately supervised?<br>

  • Has the need for finger guards been assessed and the doors either been fitted with finger guards or the risk has been eliminated by their design?

Staff Member

  • Are staff aware of Governors role in H&S?

  • Are staff aware of restrictions on contractors used?<br>

  • Are staff given information when building works are to take place?

  • And children briefed?

  • Are staff aware of presence of asbestos containing materials?<br>

  • How to treat ACMs?<br>

  • How to report damage?<br>

  • Have they had formal awareness training?<br>

  • Are staff aware that all electrical equipment should be PAT tested?<br>

  • How to spot faults?<br>

  • What to do with faulty equipment?<br>

  • Whether own equipment can be used?

  • How to report glazing faults?<br>

  • Aware of finger trap hazard?

  • Have children been told?

  • Any controls in lace?<br>

  • How to report problems?

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