Cleaning Inspection


    1.1 KEYS: Verify property key sets and parking passes are on site.
    1.2. WALKTHROUGH & REPORT: Quickly walk through the property to examine the bedding,
    towels, and the general condition of the property. Report all stains, damages, missing items,
    lost & found, or any excessive use immediately, take photos/video, and send via text to
    (250) 864-5890
    1.3. CALL FOR HELP: Judging from the current condition of the property, can you or your team
    complete this task in the allotted time? If not, call Keys to Kelowna Properties Inc.
    immediately to discuss.

    Step 2: CLEAN & SANITIZE

    2.1. LAUNDRY: Inspect all bedding for stains, pre-treat with stain remover, gather bedding from
    bed, and take to the laundry area. (explain how many pieces per load and drying strategy, hot
    water setting, oxygen powder booster).
    2.2. COLLECTION: Collect any dishes and garbage from all rooms, including the fridge and freezer.
    Place trash and recycling at the front door to prevent the contamination of a clean space.


  • Vacuum/mop all floors, carpets, rugs and stairs - !!! double check for hair !!! Especially in bathroom corners - A second quick vacuum may be required due to hair debris. Hair is the biggest complaint by guests

  • Dust baseboards, light fixtures, furniture, sills, shelves, blinds, art and d├ęcor.

  • Remove cobwebs - check high corners especially above doors and windows - check low corners, especially behind furniture)

  • Polish mirrors & glass tables

  • Check windows and window sills, wipe as needed

  • VENTS: vacuum heating and air conditioning vents for dust

  • ENTRANCE: Wipe door & handles, vacuum outside hallway carpet, check for marks


  • Keys and FOBs returned?

  • damaged or missing items?

  • Lost and Found?

  • stained linens? - set aside stained or damaged items for pick up in storage room

  • stock needed for closet?

  • any burnt out light bulbs?

  • any water issues or plumbing issues?

  • Is the door lock singling a battery change? Sounds slow? Yellow light?


  • Vacuum couch & sofa chairs - use crevice tool in between cushions - vacuum & mop under couch (many couches slide easily)

  • Vacuum Rug on top AND underneath (guests move carpets and hide debris under)

  • Dust lamps and bulbs

  • Wipe Remotes and place in front of TV


  • SURFACES: Sanitize countertops, cupboard door fronts/inside & handles

  • DISHWASHER: Empty & wipe inside and outer edges-power off - check all dishes and utensils in cupboard

  • STOVE: Clean & polish stove top (or drip pans, burner grates) & control knobs - including oven interior and glass, replace tin foil liner if needed - wipes oven drawer ledge - wipe tile backsplash - dust & polish range hood fan - !!! never leave anything on top of the stove at any time !!!

  • FRIDGE: Empty & clean inside and polish exterior - leave any squeeze top condiments

  • MICROWAVE: Clean & polish inside and out, including under turntable and under unit

  • DRAWERS & CUPBOARDS: straighten & organize in orderly fashion with intention - inspect plate ware, glassware and cutlery - inspect drawers, especially utensil drawer and vacuum corners - inspect pots and frying pans - check oven mitts, launder if needed

  • SMALL APPLIANCES: Clean coffee maker, toaster & empty crumb tray

  • SINK: Scrub & polish the stainless and polish taps - Wipe under sink and neatly organize supplies

  • Remove trash/recycling - clean containers inside/outside - line bins with new bags

STOCK - Provide stock for 7 days

  • Refill dish soap & hand soap

  • Under sink: 1 paper towel, 7 dishwasher tabs, 7 garbage bags & 4 recycle *if provided

  • Coffee: refill grounds or restock 8 pods

  • Check salt, pepper, olive oil, vinegar, sugar etc - replenish as needed


  • Sweep deck, vacuum carpets, sweep cobwebs

  • Wipe down any patio furniture, and patio deck railings and glass

  • BBQ GRILL: scrape inside and on the outside - check grease trap, inspect for flammable debris under grill (report with picture if it needs to be cleaned/vacuumed)


  • Replenish laundry detergent and softener sheets, wipe laundry soap drips

  • Remove the lint from the dryer - wipe machine clean

  • Leave washing machine door ajar to allow for air circulation - wipe machine clean


  • Sanitize all showers, tubs, and sinks inside and out - free of water spots

  • Check tub drain for hair - try to remove hair with tool

  • Check shower curtain for marks - sniff test - laundry if necessary or every 2 turns

  • Scrub toilet, including bowl, seat, lid, tank, and base - final dust with paper towel after clean to remove lint and hair - wipe all walls beside and behinds toilet ALWAYS

  • Clean & shine all mirrors, glass - free of water spots

  • Polish chrome hand towel and toilet paper holders - free of dust & shiny

  • Remove trash - clean containers inside/outside - line bin with new bags

  • BASEBOARDS - vacuumed & wiped each clean

  • Clean the windows and window sills

  • Clean ceiling vents

  • Sanitize cabinet inside/fronts & drawers - check for hair

  • Clean all shelves, fixtures, and items

  • HAIR DRYER: wrap cord and place pieces neatly

  • BEACH TOWELS: roll towels and neatly place in designated spot


  • 4 toilet paper - under sink

  • Refill Hand soap - polish container and pump top

  • TOWELS: Wash all towels & bath mat (sniff test to ensure clean)

  • hang hand towels, fold towels & roll wash cloths

  • Replenish amenities, such as: soap, shampoo, conditioner and etc

  • First Aid Kit: is it under sink or in drawer? Does it need new stock?


  • Wash and change all sheets/linens - including coverlets - Check for stains and marks - check for hair, use lint roller if needed

  • Dust all surfaces, including headboard, night stands, alarm, television, lamps & bulbs

  • Check wall above bed and near wall edge for hand prints

  • Wash all windows & window sills - vacuum patio door tracks

  • Check all drawers for lost and found (dangerous items left behind)

  • Check under bed

  • Pull furniture away from walls checking for debris

  • Ensure lights are plugged in and working

  • Sheets tucked in and folded over at top

  • Check closets and arrange coat hangers neatly together

  • Closet - Verify extra pillows/blankets used or not - fold neatly

  • Doors and Closet Doors - Sanitize all door handles - Wipe down door and decorative edges

Final Step 4: COMPLETION

  • THERMOSTAT: Reset temperature, HEAT to 21C, and AC to 24C with the fan on AUTO.

  • POWER DOWN: Unplug small appliances (coffee pots etc) and turn off all lights.

  • PROTECT YOURSELF: Make sure to wash your hands immediately after removing gloves.

  • LOCK UP: Ensure all doors and windows are locked and property is secure.

  • REPORT: For insurance purposes, record a video walkthrough tour of the property & show the door locking and inability to open it. Then send the video to (250) 864-5890. This provides a timestamp that the property is now guest-ready and vacant.

  • Cleaned By:

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