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Pre-Shift Engagements

1 - Know Your Objectives

  • What does my work team need to hear?

  • The objectives were clearly stated and recieved.

2 - Think Big Picture

  • What is the key theme of this pre-shift engagement?

  • The key theme was stated at the beginning, middle and end of meeting.

3 - Identify Your Key Ideas

  • What three things do I want my audience most to take away with them?

  • Call to action - the objectives were clearly outlined at the start of the meeting.

4 - Create Constant Awareness

  • How can I incite my team to be constantly vigilant of hazards?

  • Hazard recognition discussion was initiated/encouraged/effectively facilitated.

5 - Commit To Their Safety

  • How will I show my team that I am personally commited to their safety?

  • Notes were taken, follow up was provided, direction was given and tools were provided.

6 - Win Hearts, Then Minds

  • How do i capture their immaginations? What can I do to provide support and structure?

  • Followed meeting template and adjusted accordingly, creative approach.

7 - Energize Your Teams

  • How do I keep my team energized and interested throughout?

  • The meeting was engaging/positive.

8 - Keep It Simple

  • How do I keep my team focused on clear goals and safety requirements?

  • Revisted the call to action.

9 - Encourage Participation

  • When will I invite questions and feedback? How will I reward those who speak up?

  • Questions solicitated effectively, open ended (allowing time for answers).

10 - Reinforce and recognize

  • How can I reinforce my message during the shift? What can I do to recognize safe behavior when I see it?

  • Ended meeting on a positive note, gave recognition or solicited from the team.

  • Coaching Techniques - Which of the following were utilized/which could have been utilized?

  • Victory - describe the results of the coaching; was an arguement reached? Was the individual receptive?

  • Safety Share Conducted

  • Meeting Delivery - (clear, articulate, seated/standing where appropriate/organized/prepared)

  • Comments:

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