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1.0 Safety

  • 1.0 Does worker comply to safety procedure?

  • 2.0 Is the working environment safe(equipment, PPG & methodology)?<br>

2.0 Quality

  • 1.0 Is quality data collected and made visible?

  • 2.0 Is quality escalation process defined and implemented?

3.0 5S

  • 1.0 Has unwanted item been removed?<br>

  • 2.0 Is eqpt designated a place?

  • 3.0 Has tool been put back after use?<br>

  • 4.0 Has non value added effort been identified and improved?<br>

  • 5.0 Is there standardization of handling the eqpt/procedure?<br>

4.0 Delivery

  • 1.0 Can the state of Progress be identified easily? Is the work ahead or behind the schedule?

  • 2.0 Is there an efficient level of WIP & FG material available?

5.0 Cycle Time

  • 1.0 Is process lead time recorded?<br>

  • 2.0 Is equipment downtime reported?

6.0 Waste

  • 1.0 Is the miss easily identified?<br>

  • 2.0 Has the Gemba Walk met the objective? If not,any opportunity and findings?

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