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  • Site

  • Site Manager

  • Auditor

  • Audit Date

  • H&S Audit Round:

  • Audit Criteria: 1. ISO 45001:2018 Standard System Based Audit.

  • Introduction: This was a planned audit to verify the effectiveness of the H&S management system to comply with the H&S policy, ISO 45001: 2018 standard, company risk assessments and safety procedures.

  • Opening Meeting With

  • Audit Summary

  • Closing Meeting With

OH&S Policy ISO45001 requirements 5.2

Reference Documents:

  • H&S Policy H&S Law Poster Employer's Liability Insurance H&S Notice Board

1. H&S Policy

  • The current H&S Policy was on display and dated?

  • Start date of policy displayed?

2. H&S Law Poster

  • Is the H&S Law Poster on display and displaying correct details?

3. Employers Liability Insurance

  • Employer's liability insurance was on display and dated

  • Start Date of Employer's Liability Insurance.

4. H&S Notice Board

  • Is the health and safety notice board completed to company standards?

Organisational roles, responsibilities and authorities ISO45001 requirements 5.3

Organisation, Roles, Responsibilities - Leadership and Commitment

  • Reference Documents. H&S Organisation Chart-Group H&S Organisation Chart-Site H&S Manual Section-Roles, Responsibilities and Authorities Appointed person and/or company - Worksafe Consultancy Services Ltd

Depot Organisation Structure.

  • Site organisation structure is established and an and an organisation chart is defined

Documentation - H&S Manual, Safety Procedures

Consultation and participation of workers ISO 45001: 2018 requirement 5.4

  • 1. H&S Manual
    2. Safety Procedures
    3. Risk Assessment Procedures 4. Legal and other requirements register

  • 1. H&S documentation is developed, documented and issued by Worksafe Consultancy

  • 2. Worksafe Consultancy writes the necessary H&S documents which are then reviewed and commented on by senior management. The necessary changes are made to the H&S document which is then approved and issued to all managers.

  • 3. The site manager is responsible for implementing the H&S document at his/her site.

Consultation and participation of workers ISO 45001: 2018 requirements 5.4

  • Reference Documents. 1. H&S Site Managers Monthly Inspection 2. H&S Site Managers Monthly Report and findings for ratification

  • 1. The Site Managers Monthly Inspection Compliance Report

  • Date of last Monthly Report?

Competence ISO 45001:18001 requirement 7.2

  • Reference Documents.
    1. Training Records

1. IOSH Managing/Working Safely

  • Have any members of staff received the IOSH Managing Safely Course?

  • Date of training?

  • Have any members of staff received formal Health and safety training?

  • Date of course(s) ?

2. First Aiders

  • First aid cover compliance?

  • Number of first aiders?

  • Certificate expiry date(s)?

3. Fire Wardens

  • Fire Wardens?

  • Number of Fire Wardens?

  • Certificate expiry dates?

4. Trained FLT Operators

  • FLT Operators Certified within the last 3 years?

  • Number of FLT operators?

  • Certificate expiry dates?

5. Contractor Control Training

  • Contractor control training compliance?

  • Number of employees trained in contractor control?

  • Course Date(s) ?

6. Banksman Training

  • Banksman training compliance?

  • Date(s) of training?

7. Emergency Preparedness and Response Training/Spill Training

  • Emergency Preparedness and Response Training?

  • Training Date(s) ?

8. Manual Handling Training

  • Manual handling training compliance?

  • Number of staff trained?

  • Training date(s)?

9. Abrasive Wheel Training

  • Abrasive wheel training compliance?

  • Are all training certificates dated within 3 years?

  • How many staff have abrasive wheel training?

  • Training date(s)?

10. Oxy-acetylene Training

  • Oxy-acetylene training compliance?

  • Number of staff trained in the use of oxy-Acetylene?

  • Course Date(s)?

11. Accident Investigation Training

  • Accident Investigation Compliance?

  • Number of staff trained?

  • Training date(s)?

12. Working at Height

  • Working at Height training compliance?

  • Number of staff trained?

  • Training date(s)?

13. Driver Competency Checks

  • Driver competency checks completed?

  • Do driver competencies cover all vehicles that could be driven on the site?

  • Date(s) of training?

14. Hand, Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)

  • Have staff received any HAV training?

  • How many staff have had HAVS training

  • Date(s) of training?

Hazard Identification and Assessment of Risks and Opportunities - ISO 45001:2018 requirements 6.1.2

  • Reference Documents. 1. Risk assessment procedure 2. Risk assessments 3. Safety procedures 4. Contractors-Permit to Work 5. Legal register 6. Fire risk assessment updated annually


  • Hand, Arm, Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) risk assessment undertaken?

  • Have Observational studies been completed?

  • Date of last Observational study?

  • Name of company undertaking the observational study?


  • The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 place a duty on employers within Great Britain to reduce the risk to their employees' health by controlling the noise they are exposed to whilst at work.

  • Has a noise assessment been completed?

  • Date of assessment?

  • Were employees undertaking noisy tasks wearing ear protection?

  • Does the site consider a "Low Noise" option when purchasing new equipment?

  • Are employees provided with information on the dangers of high noise levels?

  • Are employees given training on the correct procedure for the wearing of hearing protection?

  • Are hearing protection-warning signs fitted and visible?

  • Does the employer provide hearing tests / health surveillance for all employees at risk?

  • Is hearing protection issued to all employees and a record of issue kept?

Safe System of Work (SSOW)

  • Safe System of Work checked?

  • Date last SSOW issued?

Operational Planning and Control - ISO 45001: 2018 requirements 8.1

  • Operational planning and control - ISO 45001 2018 requirement 8.1
    Reference Documents 1. Safety procedures 2. Evaluation of legal compliance audit


  • Asbestos report completed?

  • Asbestos inspection company name?

  • Date of asbestos survey?

Contractor Control and Permits to Work

  • Contractor control and PTW compliance?

  • Give examples of Permits checked.

  • PTW checked are accompanied by the RAMS / Insurance for those contractors.

  • Does the site have a contractor Bay?

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

  • COSHH compliance?

Electrical Safety

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

  • PAT Compliance?

  • PAT Completed by?

  • PAT Date(s)?

Electrical Hardwiring (Electrical installation condition report)

  • Electrical hard wiring compliance?

  • Inspecting company name? (Or state - Not Known)

  • Date of Inspection?

External Areas

  • Traffic Management?

  • Are electronic barriers subject to regular service?

  • Service/Inspecting company?

  • Date of inspection?

  • Site Signage?

  • Site Safe?

Fire Safety

  • Is the site's Fire Folder available?

  • Have the fire extinguishers been serviced in the last 12 months?

  • Fire extinguisher servicing company?

  • Date of fire extinguisher service?

  • Fire doors, walkways and extinguishers unobstructed?

  • Fire related signage checked and satisfactory?

  • Fire assembly point location?

  • Is the fire drill up to date?

  • Date and time of last fire drill?

  • Details of last fire drill i.e. time taken to evacuate, number of staff/visitors/contractors involved?

  • Any fire drill issues reported?

  • Fire Risk Assessment

  • Last fire risk assessment conducted by?

  • Date of last fire risk assessment?

  • Fire risk assessment action plan completed?

  • Weekly fire alarm checks completed and recorded?

  • Date of last weekly check?

  • Six Monthly fire alarm service?

  • Name of servicing company?

  • Date of last six-monthly alarm service?

  • Monthly emergency lighting check?

  • Date of last monthly emergency lighting check, if applicable?

  • Emergency lighting annual service completed?

  • Emergency lighting annual service completed by?

  • Date of last emergency lighting service?

First Aid Kits & Defibrillator

  • First aid compliance?

  • Eye wash stations?

  • Defibrillator on site?

  • Last check date?

Gas Appliances i.e. Workshop and Office Heating/Air Conditioning

  • Gas and Heating/air conditioning appliances checked?

  • Gas and heating appliance/air conditioning servicing/inspection company?

  • Date of gas and heating appliance inspection?

  • Does the inspecting/servicing company have an 'F-Gas' certificate

  • F-Gas certificate number and expiry date?

Gas Bottle Storage

  • Gas bottle storage compliance?


  • Housekeeping compliance?


  • Lighting compliance?


  • PPE & RPE Compliance?

  • Are regular monthly checks being undertaken on RPE equipment?

  • Date of last monthly inspection?

  • Is RPE subject to regular maintenance by a competent person?

  • Date of last service?

Shower Checks

  • Shower check compliance?

  • Date of last shower run check?

  • Date of last shower head cleaning?

Storage and Racking

  • Does the site have pallet racking?

  • Does the storage and racking have the Safe Working Load indicated?

  • Was stock stored on the storage and racking safely i.e. no stock was over-hanging?

  • Did the racking have all securing pins fitted on cross-beams and uprights?

  • Was the storage and racking secured appropriately to the floor?

  • Was stock stored on the storage safely i.e no stock was over-hanging?

  • Have racking inspections been completed?

  • Date of last inspection

  • Vehicle battery storage?

Welfare - Toilets and Canteen

  • Toilets and Canteen compliance?

Workstation and Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessment

  • Workstation and DSE Compliant?

Workshop Equipment

Equipment Inspections

  • Equipment inspections?

  • Equipment inspection undertaken by and date(s)?

  • Is the defective equipment procedure effective?

A Frame

  • A Frame

  • Equipment inspected by, and any report references, if applicable?

  • Date of inspection?

  • Block and Tackle?

  • Chains?

Air Conditioning Unit

  • Air Conditioning Unit

  • Unit service date?

  • Air conditioning servicing company?

Air Lines for inflating equipment

  • Does the site have tyre inflation equipment?

  • Is there a cage or other means of securing tyre inflation?

  • Is the air hose, and its associated components, clean and free from damage?

  • Are the airlines long enough to allow the operator to stay outside the likely explosion trajectory during inflation?

  • Does the hose line have a clip-on chuck to connect the airline with a quick-release coupling at the operator end?

  • Does the air hose have a gauge or other pressure control device?

  • Is there evidence of the control valve being held open by a cable tie or similar restraint with the potential for the inflating tyre to be left unattended?

Axle Stands

  • Axle Stands

  • Equipment reference number(s)?

  • Did all axle stands inspected, that require load pins, have appropriate load pins?

  • Axle stand reference number(s)

  • Were all the cradles on all axle stands inspected satisfactory?

  • Axle stand reference number(s)

Battery Charging Equipment

  • Battery charging equipment (Portable)?

Bench Grinder

  • Bench Grinder

  • Bench Grinder Gap >2mm?

  • Condition of Wheel?

  • Bench Grinder Guard/s

  • Combustible Materials around the bench grinder?

Body Props

  • Body Props

  • Body Prop reference number(s)?

  • Body Props inspected by?

  • Body Props inspection date(s)?

Body Shop Spray Booth

  • Body shop spray booth/room.

  • Note: The clearance time should be checked just before the filters in the spray booth or room are changed to give a worst-case time. It is recommended that a clearance time test should also be included in the 14-month thorough maintenance examination of the booth or room.

  • Has the clearance time been measured in the spray booth/room?

  • Are the results of the clearance time measurement displayed on the door or entrance of the booth or room?

  • Are the paints and other hazardous materials used in the spray booth/room stored adequately?

  • Spray room/booth Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV).

  • LEV serviced by

  • LEV Service date

Bottle Jacks

  • Bottle jacks

  • Reference Numbers

  • Inspection date?

Brake Test/Tacho Rollers

  • Brake tester/Tacho roller

  • Is there more than one brake tester/Tacho roller?

  • Calibration Company?

  • Calibration date(s)?

Cab Lifter

  • Cab Lifter

  • Reference Numbers.

  • Inspection Date?

Chains for Lifting

  • Chains for lifting

  • Chain reference number?

  • Inspection Date?


  • Compressor

  • Serviced by? (if applicable)

  • Service date? (if applicable)

  • Written Scheme of Examination?

  • Written Scheme of Examination reference number? (if applicable)

Floor Cleaning Equipment

  • Floor cleaning equipment

  • Inspecting/maintenance company name?

  • Date of inspection

Fork-Lift Truck

  • Fork Lift Truck

  • Date of last LOLER inspection

  • Date of last service?

  • If the fork lift truck was unattended, had the key been removed?

  • Has any damage on the fork lift truck been noted on the pre-use checks or check sheets?

  • Has the fork lift truck towing pin been removed?

  • Are the fork lift truck pre-use checks recorded?

FLT Fork Extensions

  • Fork lift truck extension?

FLT Working Platform (CAGE)

  • Fork lift truck working platform (CAGE)

  • 6 monthly LOLER inspection date?

Gantry Crane

  • Gantry Crane

  • Reference Numbers.

  • Inspection Date?

Hand Grinder

  • Hand Grinder(s)

Hydraulic Press

  • Hydraulic Press

  • Date of PUWER inspection?

  • Inspecting company name?

  • Was the hydraulic press secured to the floor?

  • Is correct PPE signage present?

Hydraulic Table

  • Hydraulic table

  • Equipment reference number(s)?

  • Inspection date?

Jet Wash/Steam Cleaning Equipment

  • Jet Wash/Steam Cleaning Equipment

  • Name of servicing company?

  • Date of last service?

  • If the jet wash is electrical, is it protected by RCD?

  • If other fuel, is there suitable ventilation? (natural or extraction).


  • Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV).

  • LEV Serviced by?

  • LEV Service date?

MIG Welder

  • MIG Welder

  • MIG welder valve inspection company and date of next valve inspection?

  • Date of next MIG welder valve inspection due?

Nike Hydraulic Powerpack

  • Nike Hydraulic Powerpack equipment

  • Equipment reference numbers?

Oxy-Acetylene Equipment

  • Oxy-Acetylene Equipment?

  • Equipment inspected by?

  • Is the site required to undertake pre-use inspections of the oxy-acetylene equipment?

  • Oxy-Acetylene Gauges

  • Date of inspection

  • Oxy-Acetylene hoses?

  • Spark ignitor present on Oxy-Acetylene?

  • Oxy-Acetylene Trolley?

  • Oxy-Acetylene fire extinguisher?

  • Condition of Oxy-Acetylene nozzle?

Pallet Truck

  • Pallet Truck

  • Inspecting company(s)?

  • Date(s) of inspection?

Parts Washer

  • Parts Washer

Pedestal Drill

  • Pedestal Drill

  • Does the site have means of securing items for drilling i.e. a serviceable clamp?

Pit Safety

  • Pit Safety

  • Pit Jacks

  • Pit jack reference numbers?

  • Date of last LOLER inspection?

  • Pit Lighting?

  • Edge Marking?

  • Pit access/egress?

Roller Shutter Doors

  • Roller Shutter Doors

  • Date of last service/inspection?

  • Name of inspecting company?

Service/Breakdown Vehicles

  • Service/Breakdown Vehicles

  • Vehicle registration number(s) inspected?

  • Was housekeeping on the service/breakdown vehicle satisfactory?

  • Road side assistance training.

  • First Aid Equipment?

  • Service vehicle Fire Extinguisher

  • Date of service?

  • Vehicle jacks and stands

  • Service vehicle compressor maintenance

  • Inspecting company name?

  • Date of last inspection?

  • Are Service/Breakdown vehicles subject to monthly checks?

  • Date of last check undertaken?

Slings for Lifting

  • Slings for lifting

  • Equipment reference number?

  • Inspection date?

  • Equipment reference numbers?

Transmission/Gear Box Jacks

  • Transmission Jacks or gear box jacks

  • Equipment reference numbers?

  • Inspection date(s)

  • Inspection reference numbers?

Trolley Jacks

  • Trolley Jacks

  • Trolley jack reference numbers?

  • Equipment reference numbers?

  • Date of inspection?

  • Inspecting company?

Vehicle Lifters

  • Vehicle Lifters

  • Equipment Reference numbers

  • LOLER Inspecting company

  • LOLER Date of inspection

  • Service/inspection company?

  • Service/inspection date?

Wheel Trolley

  • Wheel trolley

  • Equipment reference number(s) ?

  • Inspection date(s) ?

Wheel Torque Wrench

  • Wheel torque wrench

  • Equipment reference number(s)

  • Inspection date(s)?

Working at Height

  • Access platform inspected?

  • Equipment reference numbers?

  • Inspection date?

  • Inspecting company?

  • Is all equipment inspected for working at height suitable ? i.e. suitable for the work required and not milk crates, boxes etc....

  • Harnesses inspected?

  • Equipment reference numbers?

  • Date of last inspection?

  • Inspecting company?

  • Ladder Register Completed?

  • Equipment reference numbers?

  • Scafftags complete and up to date?

  • What date is on the Scafftag?

Emergency Preparedness and Response-Incident Management ISO 45001: 2018 requirement 8.2

Reference Document:- 1. Emergency preparedness and response plan 2. Training

  • Working at Height rescue plan completed?

  • Date of rescue plan?

  • Are the site Emergency Plan cards available?

  • Can the Site Manger confirm that the contact details are correct?

  • Has the issue sign off sheet been completed?

  • The following person was interviewed and was asked about the Emergency Plan Card and their responsibilities in line with the emergency plan.

Monitoring, measurement, analysis and performance evaluation ISO 45001: 2018 requirement 9.1

  • Reference Documents: - 1. Site H&S monthly checks 2. Accident reports 3. Incident reports 4. Internal audit-follow of previous audit NCs and Observations 5. Evaluation of compliance audits

  • On site monthly checks

  • Date of last monthly check?

  • Accident reports?

  • Number of accidents year to date?

  • Number of accidents yet to be investigated and closed?

  • Incident Reports?

  • Number of incidents reported?

  • Date of previous audit conducted by Worksafe?

  • Has the corrective action plan been completed?

  • How many non-conformities remain open from the corrective action plan?

  • Previous audit observations.

  • How many observations remain open from previous audit?

  • Since the last audit conducted by Worksafe, has there been any further audits conducted by an external body i.e. MSX International?

  • Have these actions been completed?

Culture and Behaviours

  • Ask questions such as:
    Do they know who their First Aiders are? Do they know who their First Aiders are on site today? Do selected staff know the procedure for damaged racking?
    How do the selected staff members view the Health and Safety on site?
    Do the selected staff member feel they are supported appropriately by site management i.e. training, information.

    Make observations such as:
    Are FLT Operators wearing seat belts and using correct audible warning. Are all staff/visitors and contractors wearing the appropriate PPE. Are pedestrian routes being used correctly?

  • Were staff members interviewed during the audit?

  • Please give a brief outline of comments

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