• Conducted on

  • Officer's Name:

  • Collaborating Officer/s Present if applicable

  • Location
  • Waterway/ Drain Name if applicable


  • Introductions

  • Other observations

Good to Go Assessment

  • •Before you start work •After an extended break or •When circumstances change

  • undefined

  • Are you doing high risk construction work?

  • Identify threats

  • Good to Go Graphic.jpg

Identify the Person/s Present (Person of Interest - POI)

  • What is your full and correct name?

  • Address Person

  • Can you please provide your date of birth?

  • Are you the occupier of the land or premises?

  • Any Other Person/s Present. Please note full name, address and DOB

  • Where possible seek positive identification eg Details of Driver's licence

  • Any other comments

Rights of POI/s

  • • Right to communicate with friend or relative
    • Right to communicate with legal practitioner
    • Right to an interpreter
    • If person is of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent: right to a support person
    • If person is under 18: right to parent/ guardian/other adult being present.

    If an POI/s requests assistance or these rights apply, take steps to meet their requests.
    If you are unable to secure the assistance they require, you must stop the interview.


  • Was an allegation given to POI?

  • Details of allegation given to POI/s?

  • Sample : I am going to ask you some questions in to the allegation that [state date and nature of allegation, section of Water Act 1989

Caution (if required)

  • Sample - I intend to ask you further questions in relation to this matter but before I do, I must caution you that you do not have to say or do anything as anything you say or do will be recorded and may later be used in evidence.

  • Was an caution given?

  • Details of caution given to POI/s

  • Do you clearly understand the caution?

Body of Interview

  • Select Date and Time

  • Please detail interview of what was discussed

  • Any other comments or questions?

Key Actions

  • Describe key actions

Items seized if required

  • Was any items seized?

  • Document any items siezed


  • Photo (please describe photos and add text or arrows if required)

Potential Offences under Water Act 1989

  • Element of Offences Manual -

  • Select potential offences detected

Other comments

  • Any other comments

Lead Officer

  • The above notes and photos are are a true and accurate record of what occurred .

  • Signature

  • Date

Corroborating Officer

  • I have read the notes of Lead Officer . These notes are a true and accurate record of what occurred and I adopt these notes

  • Corroborating Officer Signature

  • Date and Time

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