• Specific Diversion Inspection Report

  • Customer Name

  • Licence No. ie 46x/xxx/xxxx

  • Location
  • Waterway Name

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

Dam Details

  • Is there a Dam on the property?

  • How many dams?

  • Type of Dam

  • Spillway

  • Is the Dam Hazardous?

  • Compensation/Siphon Pipe installed:

  • Is the Compensations pipe accessible?

  • Is the compensation/Siphon Pipe in working condition?

  • Size of compensation pipe mm

  • Is the compensation/Siphon Pipe in working condition?

  • Is water being passed d/s of dam?

  • Is Dam wall clear of significant vegetation?

  • Other comments on structural condition, cracks, seepage, erosion, extra works,

  • Photos of dam

Pump Details

  • Is there a pump installed?

  • Type of pump

  • Pump Make

  • Pump Model

  • Is bunding in place?

  • Is bunding functional?

  • Other Comments on bunding, suction lines, pump, weir structures etc

  • Photos of pump/s/ weir etc

Meter Details

  • Are meters installed?

  • Meter Serial Number

  • Meter Reading (ML)

  • Is there any evidence of tampering?

  • Any there any leaks around the meter?

  • Are any security tags intact?

  • Is there a datalogger installed at this site?

  • Is the datalogger functioning correctly?

  • General information regarding meter

  • Photos of meter/ dataloggers

Type of Irrigation

  • Irrigation Method

  • Irrigation Use

  • Other comments on irrigation

  • Photos of irrigation

Customer Comments / Licence Holder Issues

  • Other comments

  • undefined

  • Signature

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