Title Page

  • LEGAN / TRIM case number

  • Officer

  • Conducted on

  • Property address
  • Attendee's honorific:

  • Attendee's full name:

  • Attendee's identity:

  • Contact phone number:

  • Contact email:

Audit / Inspection

Type of inspection

  • Category:

  • First visit

  • Follow up visit

Approvals / Permits

  • Is there any approval/permit issued for this property?

Development Approval (if applicable)

  • Approval(s) number:

  • Is the current use of this property matches to the approval(s) ?

Building Approval / Occupancy Permit (if applicable)

  • Permit number:

  • Are all the structures on site approved?

Other approvals issued by the City (if applicable)

  • Is there any other approval issued to this property?

  • Details:

Documents snapshots (if applicable)

  • Is there any scanned approval/permit to be attach to this audit?

  • Documents


  • Is the site compliant with the City's requirements?

  • Breaches against legislation(s) / the City's instruction(s):

  • Did the occupier admitted the offence ?

Comments / notes

  • Accessibility

  • Is the occupier aware of the City's requirements after this inspection?

  • Notes (type in):

  • Notes (write in):

Photo evidence

  • Photos:

Follow up visit

  • Is a follow up visit required?

  • The follow - up visit will be conduct on:

Actions to be taken by the occupier

  • Occupier is required to apply for a permit or amendment;

  • Occupier is required to demolish and remove the structure / building / satellite dish;

  • Occupier is required to remove rubbish, disused materials / vehicles from the property

  • Occupier is required to cease the unauthorised use of the property;

  • Written correspondencewill be issued to the occupier;

  • Occupier is not required to take any action at this stage.

  • This section is not applicable in this audit / inspection


  • By the occupier:

  • By the Officer:

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