• Audit Title

  • Document No.

  • Client / Site

  • Location
  • Applicant


  • Lot/DP:

  • Owner:

  • Description of Development:



  • Date of Issue:


  • General Compliance with BCA

  • Check plan against building

  • Smoke alarms installed

  • Operation of doors / windows

  • All building waste removed

  • Secure fixtures

  • Grading of tiled floors

  • Shower screen

  • Finished ground graded away from house

  • Cooking facilities installed

  • Painting - internal / external

  • Flashing of roof penetrations

  • Surface water inlet sumps - low areas

  • House number

  • Retaining walls

  • Access / layback

  • Compliance with building approval conditions

  • Termite certificate

  • Wet Area Flashings Certificate

  • BASIX in compliance / certificate

  • BUSHFIRE PRONE conditions met - Certification provided

  • Mechanical exhaust ventilation (to enclosed WC, bath, laundry, kitchen)

  • Manhole access to roof space / underfloor access door

  • Railings / balustrades to landings > 1,000mm

  • Electricity connected

  • All builders sheds etc removed

  • Hot water heater support and overflow

  • Height or floor / ground level

  • Landings to external doors

  • Stormwater discharge

  • Grated drain to front of garage

  • Council's services exposed / undamaged

  • All structural certificates received

  • Essential Services Certificate

  • Builder/Owner on Site/Contacted


  • Previous Inspections

  • Compliance with Development Approval Conditions

  • Final Survey detailing boundary and eaves setbacks (if required by Conditions of Approval)

  • Conditions check and signed off by planner, Engineer, EH&BS & Landscaping (DCP29)

  • BASIX completion receipt completed online

  • Ensure compliance with accessibility requirements of AS1428.1. (Carpark spaces / Signage / Facilities)


  • Final Occupation

  • Interim Occupation

  • Result

  • Building Surveyor

  • Conducted on

  • Signature

  • Accreditation Number

  • Compliance Certificate Issued

  • Comments

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