• Construction Certificate Number or Complying Development Number

  • Client

  • Address

  • Prepared by

  • Contact Phone Number 6226 1477

  • Conducted on

  • Other staff

  • Result


OHS Checklist

  • Is a First Aid Kit located in the vehicle or on site?

  • Are you working in a remote location? (satellite phone)

  • Has a Risk Assessment been undertaken for this inspection?

  • Have hazards been identified on site?

  • Is it safe to proceed with the inspection?

Critical Stage Inspections Carried Out

  • Footings

  • undefined

  • Internal Drainage

  • undefined

  • External Drainage

  • undefined

  • Stormwater

  • undefined

  • Slab

  • undefined

  • Bearers and Joists

  • undefined

  • Frame/Presheet

  • undefined

  • Water Proofing

  • undefined


  • House Number been installed

  • Driveway constructed in accordance with conditions of Development Consent

  • Storm water discharge away from buildings or to street

  • Builders waste been removed

  • Builders sheds been removed

  • Retaining walls completed

  • Cut has been Battered if applicable

  • Termite sticker located in power box

  • Gas Compliance plate installed

  • Pressure relief valve - 1m from unit

  • Hot water temp valve installed

  • Any step or landing in accordance with the BCA and Australian Standards

  • Balustrades are to be installed in accordance with the BCA

  • Construction of eaves to be completed

  • Storz Fitting installed in accordance with AS 3959

  • Photos

Bush Fire

  • Leaf less gutter guard has been installed in accordance with AS 3959

  • Fly screens Installed in accordance with AS 3959

  • Sub floor sealed in accordance with As 3959

Sanitary Drainage

  • Connection to Council Main

  • Connection to onsite and warning signs

  • ORG, Boundary Trap and Inspection Opening have concrete surrounds

  • Securing of Fixtures

  • Leaks

  • Sealing of Joints/tap fixings

  • Termination of Vents

  • Photos

External Masonary

  • External masonry clean with weepholes free of foreign materials

  • Expansion joints have been installed if required

  • Correct cladding has been installed on the exterior of the structure

  • Damp course remains exposed and not covered in soil


Smoke alarm for class 1a

  • Smoke alarm installed

  • Smoke alarms is interconnected and has been tested

  • Photographs

Smoke alarm for class 1b

  • Smoke alarms are installed on or near the ceiling in every bedroom

  • Smoke alarms are installed on or near the ceiling in every corridors or hallway associated with a bedroom, or if there is no corridor or hallway, in an area between the bedrooms and the remainder of the building

  • Smoke alarms are installed on or near the ceiling in each other storey

  • Lighting to assist evacuation incorporated in the smoke alarm or located within the corridor, hallway or area served by the smoke alarm and be activated by the smoke alarm

  • Photographs

Internal Plumbing

  • Adequate Flow / Pressure

  • Leaks & Water Hammer

  • Hot water turned on and working correctly

  • Aesthetic Finish

  • Photos

Minimum room heights

  • Habitable rooms have no less than 2.4m (lower projection is permitted subject that it does not interfere with the functioning of the room

  • Corridors passageway or the like are no less than 2.1m

  • Bathroom, laundry, kitchen and the like are no less than 2.1m

  • Stairs are no less than 2.0m when measured from the nosing line

  • Photographs

Visibility of glazing

  • Presence of a glazing in a door, side panel or panel capable of being mistaken for being a doorway or opening is not made apparent is marked and readily visible by the for of an opaque band of no less than 20mm in height and located as follows-

  • Upper edge no less than 700mm above the floor, and

  • The lower edge is no more than 1200mm above the floor

  • Photographs

Light and ventilation

  • Each room has the required 10% light and 5% ventilation

  • Mechanical ventilation provided if no natural ventilation available

  • Photographs


  • Stair case has no more than 18 and no less than 2 risers

  • Nominal dimension of the goings and risers are constant throughout each stair flight (except winders)

  • Riser openings do not allow a 125mm sphere to pass through

  • Treads have slip resistant finish or suitable non-skid strip near the edge of the nosings

  • landings are not less than 750mm long and when involves a change in direction is measured 500mm from the inside edge of the landing, and

  • A landing is provided, when the sill of the threshold of a doorway opens onto a stair that provides a change in floor level or floor to ground level is greater than 3 risers or 570mm

  • Risers are no greater than 190mm and no less than 115mm

  • Spiral staircase risers are no greater than 220mm and no less than 140mm

  • Goings are no greater than 355mm and no less than 240mm

  • Spiral staircase goings are no greater than 370mm and no less than 210mm

  • Slope relationship (2R+G) is no greater than 700mm and no less than 550mm

  • Spiral staircase slope relationship (2R+G) is no greater than 700mm and no less than 550mm

  • Photographs


  • Barrier heights are a minimum 1000mm above finished floor level

  • Barrier height is no less that 865 mm above the nosing of a staircase

  • No horizontal members between 150mm and 760mm in balustrade with floor level more than 4000mm above ground level directly below the balustrade

  • A 125mm sphere cannot pass any horizontal or vertical element of a barrier

  • Photographs


  • Does the Development match the approved BASIX certificate

  • Does External finish match approved finish

  • Does the Floor plan match the building

  • Are General Health and safety requirements met

  • Kitchen sink and facilities for the preparation and cooking of food, and

  • A bath or shower, and

  • Clothes washing facilities, comprising of at least one washtub and space in the same room for a washing machine

  • A closet pan and washbasin

  • Minimum 1200mm provided from hinge to closet pan or swing out or slide or have lift off hinges with rebate at top of door jamb

  • Does the Building Comply with the Development consent

  • What does not comply

  • Notes

  • Photographs

Prior to Issue of Interim Occupation Certificate

  • undefined

  • undefined

Prior to Issue of a Final Occupation Certificate

  • undefined

  • undefined

Inspection result

  • Result of the inspection

  • Comments

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  • Registration Number:

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  • Supervisors Registration Number:

  • Should you have any enquiries regarding this inspection report please contact Yass Valley Council on 6226 1477 or via email

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