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  • Location Name

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • TRIM Container #

  • Document No.

Inspection Details

  • Request Type

  • Request Reference Number

  • Contact Name

  • Telephone Number

  • Description of Building


  • Building work have been completed in accordance with approved stamped plans & specifications

  • Is external elevations consistent with approved plans e.g window/door positions, roof pitch and schedule of external finishes for building

  • Infill sparge around pipe penetrations to external brickwork

  • Point up voids in brickwork bed joints

  • Clean brickwork of mortar droppings

  • Install storm molds/timber bedding or weather strips to gaps in external windows/doors for weather protection

  • Install a 1m x 1m landing to outside external doorway

  • Install 1m height compliant balustrade

  • Install load bearing top rail to glass balustrade (engineer to certify)

  • Install a durable termite sticker notice in the external metre box

  • Is the laundry floor graded and drained to floor waste or external door opening

  • Is a mechanical exhaust fan installed to an enclosed laundry, bathroom, shower or enclosed internal wc room

  • Is plumbing pipework beneath kitchen sinks, vanities, basins or laundry tubs. Kitchen/toilet facilities are connected and working properly ready for use

  • Are driveways, retaining walls and landscaping works completed to enable clear safe access to front entry door

  • Complete new vehicle driveway crossing to service property in accordance with Council’s approved plans/driveway crossing specification

  • Have retaining walls been constructed in accordance with approved plans and specification

  • Regrade site and remove unauthorised fill back to natural ground level

  • Complete installation of doors, timber skirting/architraves and complete painting to dwelling

  • Has all builders waste/rubbish, site fencing, signage, skip bins and materials been removed from off site

  • Regrade and resinate Council’s nature strip/footpath area

  • Install hardwired interconnected smoke alarms to both ground and first floor of dwelling

  • Submit a smoke alarm certificate of compliance signed by a licensed electrician confirming compliance with requirements of AS3786-2014

  • Has BASIX requirements inspection check been completed to ensure all required recommendations have been implemented on site

  • Submit structural engineers certificate of adequacy from a qualified practising structural engineer for building works

  • Submit final building certificate for completed works

  • Building work has not been carried out in accordance with stamped plans- Cease Work-Stop Work Notice

  • Submit an Occupation Certificate application to Council


  • Inspection of the aforementioned revealed that the work is:

  • Above rating subject to the below additional works (If unsatisfactory, then must book a re-inspection after completing works):

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