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Inspection Details

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  • Description of Building


  • Is the floor surface clean and dust free prior to applying membrane

  • Has a primer base product been applied to floor surface prior to membrane

  • Has a water-resistant substrate floor been installed i.e concrete, copper tray, stainless steel, CFC-compressed fibre cement, waterproof structural flooring sheets or wetarea board

  • Is a flexible bond breaker, backing rod or flexible sealant been installed to floor/ wall junction or hob junction for bonded membranes

  • If a hob is installed the hob must only be constructed of either masonry, concrete or blockwork being secured to floor/wall base and provided all gaps, joints and intersections in hob shower are fully sealed and waterproofed i.e. Timber must not be used for hobs

  • Has the waterproof membrane applied to full shower recess area minimum 1.8m height above floor and 1.5m horizontal distance from wall side

  • Has a floor waste been installed and properly fixed to the floor structure i.e. gradient, falls and overflows

  • Has the waterproof membrane been applied down into the floor waste provision a minimum 25mm

  • Has waterproof membrane applied to above baths, basin sinks and wc floor

  • Has the perimeter floor/wall flashing membrane been applied to minimum 150mm in height

  • Has all floor/wall joints, spindle taps, bath taps and shower rose fully sealed to prevent the ingress of water

  • Has a metal door angle installed and fully sealed to bathroom floor

  • Has a shower screen been provided to the shower area

  • Submit product details/accreditation specification of waterproofing membrane to Council

  • Submit waterproofing certificate in accordance with requirements of Australian Standard AS3740-(2010)


  • Inspection of the aforementioned revealed that the work is:

  • Above rating subject to the below additional works (If unsatisfactory, then must book a re-inspection after completing works):

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