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  • Stormwater pipes been laid correctly

  • Stormwater pipes laid on either blue metal/aggregate or sand bedding layer to support full length of pipework

  • Have all stormwater pipes been appropriately joined and sealed

  • Have stormwater pipes lengths been trimmed flush, sealed and sparged connecting to stormwater inlet pits

  • Stormwater inlet pipe connecting into the absorption trench system located at top of trench

  • Has absorption trench system been installed in accordance with approved development consent stormwater plans

  • Absorption trench depth, width, length and setback distance from side/rear boundaries

  • Has surface inlet pits, driveway interceptor strip drains or main stormwater pollution control pit installed to drain stormwater runoff in accordance with stormwater design

  • Are stormwater downpipes located no more than 12m lengths

  • Has a slotted gutter been installed to new roofing works designed for overflow protection and has all joints been properly sealed

  • Has stormwater pollution control pit (SWPT) been installed within the property boundary i.e. front boundary

  • Has stormwater detention pit system been flushed i.e. cleaned, free of timber formwork, mud/soil or building debri

  • Has step irons been installed to on-site detention tank to enable access i.e. Tank size greater than 1.2m in height

  • Has orifice plate been fixed to on-site detention tank system including provision of a trash mesh screen

  • Has the main onsite detention tank lid been securely fix to detention tank to prevent child access i.e. J-bolted

  • Is the discharge outlet pipe connected to Council’s street gutter adequately i.e. Galvanised steel hollow section pipe or 100mm sewer grade pipework

  • Has O.S.D tank signage been installed to on-site detention stormwater system

  • Has Council’s on-site detention tank identification marker plates been provided to tank

  • Has box gutter system been provided with appropriate size overflow provisions e.g. overflow rainwater heads to prevent roofwater blockages

  • Has a rainwater tank been installed in accordance with development consent conditions or satisfies BASIX

  • Has the rainwater tank overflow pipe connected into stormwater system

  • Has a first flush device been provided to the rainwater tank

  • Has mosquito protection/screen device been installed to rainwater tank

  • Has signage been displayed to rainwater tank

  • Has rainwater tank been provided with solid support base i.e. concrete pad

  • Repair Council kerb and gutter stormwater connection due to damage

  • Has ag-drainage stormwater lines been installed behind retaining walls and connected to stormwater system

  • Regrade stormwater linework and repair Council’s nature strip area

  • Submit hydraulic engineer’s certificate of compliance for completed stormwater works to Council

  • Submit ‘Work-As-Executed’ stormwater plans certified by a registered surveyor for the as-built stormwater system to Council


  • Inspection of the aforementioned revealed that the work is:

  • Above rating subject to the below additional works (If unsatisfactory, then must book a re-inspection after completing works):

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