• Audit Title

  • Prepared by

  • Conducted on

  • Client / Site


  • Microsoft Windows Activated?

  • Microsoft Office Installed?

  • Activated?

  • Forefront Installed?

  • Updated?

  • Incode favorites transferred?

User Profile

  • Has exchange account been set up?

  • Does user have an archive folder?

  • Have you copied nickname account?

  • Has group policy redirection folder been tested?

  • Drivers Mapped?

  • Setup for offline mode?

  • Favorites and local files transferred?

  • Placed Scans shortcut in documents?

  • User shown document folder change?

  • User set as admin?

  • Department drives mapped?

  • Which drives?

  • Homepage set to


  • Have all printers been mapped?

  • What printers are installed?

  • Have power settings been adjusted?

  • Has inventory been ran?

  • Has the old PC been deleted from active directory?

  • Has new PC been added to forefront security group?

  • Has old equipment been tagged and bagged?

  • Please snap photo of proof.

  • Checked old power strip and battery backup for functionality.

  • Equipment replaced:

  • Equipment
  • Equipment replaced

  • Power settings been set?

  • PC in right active directory group and named correctly?

  • Wifi been setup?

  • IP Address Set?

  • Enter IP Address

Final Notes

  • Date Deployed

  • Final Notes

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