• Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

  • Description of duties to be performed

Heath and Safety Systems

  • OHS/WHS policy displayed

  • Accident report book present and secure

  • Induction records sighted

  • Rehabilitation and RTW policies available

  • Workplace/Area Inspection Records available

  • Emergency procedures visible

  • Training records

  • Documented JSA's and WMS's

  • PPE and equipment records

  • MSDS information available

  • OHS/WHS safety systems manaul

  • HSR appointed and displayed

  • Risk assessments available

  • Additional comments or action to be taken

Work areas and Thoroughfares

  • Work area free of rubbish

  • Work surfaces are safe and suitable

  • Free from trip and slip hazards including loose cables/leads

  • Materials stored safely

  • Adequate lighting<br>Free from glare, Fittings acceptable

  • Emergency lighting

  • Vision at corners

  • Walkways are wide enough for intended use

  • Walkways are clearly defined and unobstructed


  • Last test and tag date

  • Any items not tested and tagged

  • Plugs, sockets or switches are in good condition and free from damage

  • Leads are in good condition free from fraying or other damage

  • Power tool/s condition

  • Work near live electrical equipment

  • Switches/circuits identified

  • Lock out procedures and tags in place/available

  • Earth leakage system utilized

  • Switchboards secure

  • Additional comments or action to be taken


  • Operator has laser operator license

  • Signage displayed

  • Laser not used in a manner to endanger other person

Mobile Plant and Equipment

  • Condition of plant and equipment

  • Daily plant/equipment inspection records available

  • Fault reporting system used

  • Operators are licensed and trained

  • Warning and instructions displayed

  • Warning lights and alerts functioning

  • Condition of tyres

  • SWL of lifting or carrying equipment displayed

Machinery and Workbenches

  • Adequate work space

  • Machinery guards

  • Free from excess oil and grease

  • Warnings displayed and instructions available

  • Emergency stops appropriately placed and clearly identifiable

  • Operators are trained and operating safely

  • Additional comments or action to be taken

Material Storage

  • Storage stable including racking

  • Sufficient space for moving stock including clear floor

  • Shelves, racking and bins free from rubbish

  • Items are stored for ease of access and with relation to the weight of the items

  • Safe means of accessing high shelves

  • Racking clear of lights and sprinklers

  • Danger of falling objects

Hazardous Materials and Dangerous Goods

  • Stored appropriately and securely including labelling

  • Adequate ventilation/exhaust systems

  • PPE available where required

  • Waste disposal procedures

  • Chemical handling procedures followed

  • Chemical register available

  • Appropriate first aid/emergency equipment available<br>eye bath, shower, extinguishers etc

  • Hazchem signage displayed


  • Gas bottles secured and stored

  • Welding fumes ventilation

  • Appropriate fire extinguishers available in immediate area

  • Flint guns used to light torch

  • Flashback spark arresters fitted

  • Vision screens used for electric welding

  • LPG 10 year bottle stamp date

  • Hot work permit system required/used

  • PPE provided and worn

Confined Space

  • Risk assessment completed

  • Communication and rescue plans in place

  • Safety equipment condition

  • Training provided to employees

  • Confined Space permit issues and available

  • PPE provided

Excavation work

  • Shoring in place and in sound condition

  • Signage displayed

  • Banks battered correctly and spoil away from edge

  • Access around excavation

  • Separate access and egress points from excavation

  • SOP's in place


  • Risk assessments completed and available

  • Access restricted to demolition area

  • Overhead protection in place

  • Protection of general public

  • SOP's in place

Fall prevention

  • Work platforms have secure handrails, guarding or fence pamels

  • Harness and lanyards or belts provided

  • Floor penetrations covered or barricaded

  • Unsafe areas signposted and fenced

  • SOP's in place

Stairs, Steps and Landings

  • Worn or broken steps

  • Handrails, toe boards, kick plates

  • Clear of obstructions

  • Stairway/landing lighting

  • Emergency lighting


  • Ladder condition

  • Are ladders used to support planks for work platforms?

  • Ladder angle to structure (should be 1:4)

  • Ladders extended 1m above landing

  • Straight or extension ladders securely fixed at top

  • Metals ladders in use near live electrical equipment

  • Additional comments or action to be taken


  • PPE items employee/s supplied with

  • Instructed in correct use of PPE

  • PPE signage displayed

Manual Handling

  • Mechanical aids available

  • Manual handling controls implemented

  • SOP's Developed and available

Workplace Ergonomics

  • Workstation and seating design

  • Ergonomic factors such as layout and task design considered

  • Repetitive and excessive force movements minimised

  • Training provided

Public Safety

  • Barricades, fencing, hoarding, gantry/s secure

  • Signage in place

  • Footpaths/walkways are clear with suitable lighting

  • Dust and noises in place

  • Site access controlled

  • Traffic control procedures in place

  • Additional comments or action to be taken


  • Washrooms clean and stocked

  • Toilets cleaned and stocked

  • Meals room acceptable<br>includes sealed seats and tables and a seat for each person

  • Locker room facilities available

First Aid

  • First Aid kit stocked and supplies in date

  • First aid officers names and numbers displayed

  • Level of First Aid Training

  • Record of treatment conducted and stock dispensed

Fire and Emergency

  • Extinguishers in place

  • Extinguishers and equipment tagged/serviced

  • Appropriate signage of extinguishers

  • Extinguishers appropriate to potential hazard

  • Emergency exit signage

  • Exit doors easily opened from inside

  • Exit pathways clear of obstructions

  • Alarm/communication system in place

  • Flammable storage procedures

  • Emergency procedures documented

  • Emergency telephone numbers displayed

  • Additional comments or action to be taken

Review Particulars

  • Host Employer Contact Name

  • Is the workplace health and safety at the site sufficient to allow worker/s to commence?

  • Concept Representative

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