Title Page

  • RV Workshop =

  • Project Number

  • Site Name:

  • Hub

  • Additional Information:

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

Factor or Efficiency


  • Did a premeet occur?

  • Was the Tech authority present?

  • Did all previous actions get completed?

  • Did all required attendees attend?

  • Participation levels between all stakeholders?


  • myRisk actions communicated to Operations

  • Risk actions communicated to project team

  • Supporting evidence provided at time of workshop?

Basis of RV Workshop

  • Requirements statement agreed?

  • All previous actions complete

  • RV study assessment

  • Site visits completed by Civil Engineer

  • Site visits completed by Electrical Engineer

  • Site visits completed by Process Engineer

  • Site visits completed by Mechanical Engineer

  • Site visits completed by Hydraulic

  • Asset Condition Scores fully completed

  • Root cause analysis completed

  • Has proposed solution had a constructability review?

  • Previous workshop approved by Tech authority/Investment Planning?

  • Estimating criteria provided

  • Notional solution meets requirements

  • All costs and assumptions are costed coming into workshop

  • Alternative opportunities suggested


  • Has investment planning confirmed that funding is available?

  • Are all assumptions captured within the +-30% estimate (RV2 Only)

  • Does the estimate align with the requirement (RV2 Only)


  • Have any innovative ideas been suggested

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