Consultant visit summary

Consultation / Communication

Review consultative forum minutes since last visit. Is consultation mechanism effective?

Review noticeboard? Is there a dedicated WHS section? Is information current? Is appropriate information displayed?

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Risk Management

Discuss hazards reported, risk scores allocated, controls implemented, use of hierarchy of controls, effectiveness of controls.

Discuss workplace inspections, review documentation

Review risk assessment documentation for site, plant, hazardous chemicals and high risk tasks.....

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Incident Management

Discuss incident / accident investigations and the outcomes.

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Emergency Mangement

Review training , Review Emergency Plan, Review drills and exercises.......

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Discuss training effectiveness and training needs.......

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WHS Planning

Review the WHS Action plan progress.......

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Contractor Management

Review contractor approval, induction and monitoring.......

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Change Management

Review process of introduction of new plant, chemicals, processes or tasks in the workplace in line with the change management procedure.......

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