• Select date


  • Is the organisation on the registered contractor list

  • Check all named employees and confirm that each has a valid pass and has been inducted

  • Are the contractor employees listed on the security register

  • Is there a sub contract arrangement in place

  • List the names of sub contractors and check induction records exist

Task specific inspection

  • Enter the type of task

  • Does the task require a contractor control form?

  • Date on contractor control form

  • Is a copy of the method statement available at the worksite

  • Is there a copy of the risk assessment at the worksite

  • Does the control form indicate start and finish times and availability of the equipment or area

  • Review the contractor control form, judge the completion of the form 100 being all fields complete

  • Review the contractor control form for quality of information, 100 being best practice

  • List main concerns about control form

Workplace Controls

  • Is the task a permitted activity.....if yes select

  • If permit required input start time and date

  • Enter permit stand down date and time

  • Are the permit conditions in place at the workplace, are they sufficient and adequate

  • Is the work area free from hazards

  • Take photographs of at risk conditions

  • Is the PPE provided in line with the method statement?

  • Is the contractor wearing the prescribed PPE

  • Is access equipment safe, Ladders scaffold tagged

  • Are the tools in use safe to use, is electrical equipment within current date

  • Record date of PAT

Heinz Arrangements

  • Who is the named site contact

  • Have the relevant safety procedures been briefed to the contractor, list those required

  • Has the local area owner signed the contractor control form

  • Are there clear start and finish times on the control form

  • Has the contact visited the worksite, enter frequency of visit

  • Are adjacent activities safe and not possessing a risk to the contractor

On site advisory

  • What is the level of immediate risk posed by the work taking place

  • Rate the audit

Audit close out

  • Agree the close out actions, actions must be SMART

  • Auditor signature

  • HJH originator

  • Contractor representative

  • List agreed actions

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