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  • What was the branches prior CONTROL score?

  • Has the Accountant reviewed prior CONTROL review

Look after your service

  • What is the ESQI for the branch? Does the branch look good from a customers perspective?

  • Is customer sat on goal and is this reviewed regularily?

  • Does the branch pass a VSA audit?

Optimise your revenue

  • Is the sales board visible and updated every day?

  • Is the branch meeting its sales expectations currently?

  • Does the branch have an effective marketing plan / what is the score on 20:40?

Negate your losses

  • Does the branch have a solid boot too boot process?

  • Are the branch able to show evidence of a one way damage process?

  • Is there an organised OX/DX folder with a cost tracker?

Track your fuel

  • Is a fuel tracker being used and updated regularily? Is the location of the fuel cards being tracked?

  • Are the 3 fuel options being communicated on the front end?

  • Is the latest net fuel number and the % collection score above expectation?

Review your financials

  • Had the branch manager put a montly forecast together?

  • Has a current PUA been reviewed by branch employees?

  • Is the general knowledge of the branch employees on the PUA sufficient for tenure?

Onboard your employees

  • Are Assured Hours being tracked effectively and have DH1 hours being reviewed?

  • Are employees rotas being reviewed often to minimise the risk of overtime?

  • Are folders reviewed regularily as well as the engagement tracker?

Chase your debt

  • Is debt delegated out to a captain and are accounts assigned to different employees?

  • Is the branch able to provide an update on the TOP 5 60+ Accounts?

  • Are employees educated on key concepts? (eg. Remits/Credit Notes/Payments Log)

Action Steps:

  • What are the action steps:

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