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  • 214 Summit

  • 301 Martin DRO

  • 216 Martin 924

  • 215 Martin 718

  • 218 Martin 618

  • 303 Esprit Rot3

  • 320 Bobst

  • 310 Apstar HQP

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    All completed audit forms to be submitted to site QA representative for consolidation and reporting.
    When non conformities or issues are identified in an audit, the corrective / preventative action taken must be documented in the comments section.
    If procedures have not been followed the supervisor must complete a follow up audit on that machine & shift within 3 working days.

  • SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS - If special instructions apply to the job, has SI been written on the sample as well as the number of special instructions listed?

  • PRINT - Work bag available? If not was the supervisor notified to obtain a copy?<br>

  • PRINT - Is the print clear?

  • PRINT - Do the print blocks match the print spec and are they circled?

  • PRINT - Is the print overlay used in checking the print and/or die layout?

  • PRINT - Is the date stamp printed clearly with the correct date?

  • COLOUR - Has “WB” been written on set-up carton?

  • COLOUR - If no colour standards exist for colours used for the job, was the supervisor informed and was a signed sample placed with the work bag?

  • DIE CUTTING / DIMENSIONS - Were CD/MD measurements written on the set-up carton?

  • MD SHEAR - Does the MD Shear % result written on the carton match the MDShear % result that you have obtained?

  • GLUE LAP STYLE CODE - Is the glue lap style code correct and written on the sample carton?

  • DISPLAY CARTON - Is the set up carton on display?

  • DISPLAY CARTON - Are the slots Clean?

  • DISPLAY CARTON - If die cut, is waste removed effectively?

  • DISPLAY CARTON - For flexo jobs are the slots correctly positioned in relation to corrugator scores?

  • DISPLAY CARTON - Have the scores on the sample carton been folded, indicating the carton was made up into a box?

  • DISPLAY CARTON - Have the scores on the sample carton been folded, indicating the carton was made up into a box?

  • DISPLAY CARTON - Is the general appearance satisfactory?

  • DISPLAY CARTON - Does the stereo or die need attention?<br>

  • DISPLAY CARTON - Has the correct board been used?

  • BUNDLING / PALLETISING / LOAD FORMER CHECKS - Are the bundling/ stacking specifications achievable? (If no, specify issue and contact QA representative).

  • BUNDLING / PALLETISING / LOAD FORMER CHECKS - Is one carton in every 1000 being inspected?

  • BUNDLING / PALLETISING / LOAD FORMER CHECKS - Is the pallet flag correct and applied in the right location?

  • BUNDLING / PALLETISING / LOAD FORMER CHECKS - Is 1 bundle in every 10 flipped and inspected for quality issues?

  • BUNDLING / PALLETISING / LOAD FORMER CHECKS - Is there an approved sample of a good product with the load former?

  • HOUSEKEEPING - Is the area clean and free of all waste, scrap and boxes from previous jobs?


  • CONDITION OF EQUIPMENT - Glue detection

  • CONDITION OF EQUIPMENT - Glue TPM sheet being used

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