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  • This audit focuses on requirements of the National Compliance and Enforcement (Chain of Responsibility) Laws.

    Sites will be deemed compliant where a measure of 'reasonable compliance' is able to be demonstrated.

    Areas of non- compliance are to be recorded in Vault to ensure adequate follow up processes are put in place.


  • Have drivers completed the Contractor & Site Specific InductionI? (Select a Driver and check LMS records)

  • Are delays in loading / unloading process communicated to transport drivers?

  • Are delays in the loading / unloading process communicated to transport suppliers, including Visy Logistics?


  • Does the transport Driver have the correct documentation for the load? (Check delivery dockets, CS No's ect).

  • Does the Drivers paper work and time-slot match the site documentation?


  • What procedures are in place to ensure that drivers are within legal driving hours requirements?

  • Has this been communicated to the drivers? (check LMS)

  • Are drivers within maximum allowable driving hours? (Check driver run sheets / log books).

  • Is there an effective process for time slot management on the site? How does the site allocate an appropriate time slot?

  • Proper facilities are provided on site for drivers to refresh/rest?

  • Do on-site personnel maintain a lookout for 'Fitness for Duty' of drivers on site?


  • Has the load been properly restrained, as per the Visy Load Restraint Guidelines?<br>(Check any load entering the site and ensure that the load is restrained)

  • Is approved load restraint equipment being used?

  • Does the site have a nominated 'Load Restraint' advisor? (check training records)

  • There is an appropriate check in place to ensure load restraint is correct and will remain secure?

  • Does the site conduct random Load Restraint Audits? (sight evidence)


  • Are vehicles loaded in a way that maximum mass allowances are not exceeded?

  • What is the procedure to ensure the accuracy of load weights?

  • What is the procedure to ensure that vehicle dimensions are not exceeded?

  • Is there a procedure to ensure container weight declaration forms are provided at the time of consignment?

  • All permits are available to travel off gazetted routes?


  • Are vehicles fitted with speed limiting devices as required by law?

  • Are Visy controlled contractor vehicles checked for compliance?

  • What evidence is available to show compliance.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

  • Are transport drivers wearing the correct PPE while on site. (Hard hat, gloves, hi vis clothing, safety shoes etc).


  • Do site entries indicate communication channels / site requirements / driver information?


  • Are time-slots allocated for all heavy vehicle pickups and deliveries?

  • Are drivers aware of the time-slot? (Select any driver and ask for the time-slot)

  • Are Grab / Forklift Operators aware of time-slots?


  • Have Grab Operators conducted training in COR? (Check training records in LMS)

  • Have Forklift Operators conducted training in COR? (Check training records in LMS)

  • Have Visy Contract Drivers conducted training in COR? (Check training records in LMS)

  • Have all parties involved in the transport chain at the site, conducted COR training? (Check LMS)

  • Does the site training plan include COR training?

  • Has training in COR been added to the site training matrix and is it up to date?

  • Are 'Toolbox Talks' conducted by the site to Drivers / PME operators / Staff?

  • Have SOP's/SWP's been created in line with COR requirements? (Check SOP/SWP's and add document No's as proof of compliance).


  • Are maintenance records available for all Visy owned/leased vehicles? (Check maintenance records, vendor documents).

  • Are site controlled Contractor Vehicles fit for purpose, roadworthy and regularly & properly maintained? (Check contractor compliance records).


  • Is there a "Non-Conformance Reporting" system in place to register all incidents?

  • Are quality reports entered, followed up and closed out correctly? (Check Vault records for incident reports, cause and corrective actions).

  • Have incidents / non-compliances been communicated to the transport provider?

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