• Is uniform clean and ironed, trouser or skirt worn & suitable work shoes

  • Is name badge worn?

Greeting the customer

  • Does the colleague (or colleagues) acknowledge customers with early eye contact and smile when they walk through the door?

  • Do colleagues tailor customer greetings depending on whether the customer is known or not (i.e. "Morning name")?

Taking the Bet

  • Do all colleagues review customer bets before scanning to ensure correct?

  • Do colleagues verbally acknowledge customers again as they approach the counter?

  • If a bet qualifies for promotion (BOG, 5 Team Acca Insurance etc) Is promotion offered? (I.e. "Would you like BOG on that?")

  • Do colleagues engage the customer in conversation whilst serving/taking a bet?

  • Do colleagues offer customers free drinks during visit?

  • Do colleagues say thanks and/or wish customers good luck as they leave the counter?

Floor Walking

  • Do the colleagues (wherever 2 or more colleagues are on Duty) activley spend time within the customer Area?


  • Do colleagues read latest emails and Raising The Game to ensure up to date with all actions/promotions?

  • Do colleagues use a tailored approach when promoting games and product based on customer behaviour?

  • Can colleagues demonstrate an efficient use of Manager screens (ALBOS)

  • Is there evidence of colleagues offering demos of focus gamea to customers?

  • Did colleagues, during your visit, display effective Omni-Channel conversations with customers?

  • Can colleagues evidence where the shop is v Omni-Channel YTD Sign-Up Plan?

Management Functions

  • Was shop opened on time today?

  • Is shop diary being used effectivley by all colleagues?

  • Are CSA(s) on Duty fully briefed by Duty Manager on Daily focuses?

  • Can colleagues demonstrate how to set up a monitored customer on EPOS and explain Red/Amber/Green grouping system?

  • Can colleagues explain the Gambling Commission 3 Key Licensing Objectives?

  • Can colleagues explain difference between an in-shop Connect account and a full Omni-Channel (One Ladbrokes) account?


  • Please confirm that a colleague is wearing the PPA

  • Is the shop floor litter free, dispensers fully stocked and all fixtures and fittings OK?

  • Is all external marketing correct and in acceptable condition?

  • Is vending section fully stocked, presentable and in working order?

  • Is shop interior Marketed correctly as per LES and virtual shop?

  • Is the counter area organised and presentable?

  • Are customer toilets in working order and clean/acceptable condition?

  • Are TV screens clean, in working order and displaying the correct information?

  • Is WiFi working and accessible?

  • Are all GM/BetStation terminals clean and in working order?

  • Is the shop tablet easier accessible and in full working order?

  • Are the correct Compliance materials displayed within the branch?

  • Can colleagues on Duty locate SE agreements and name at least two SE customers?

  • Can colleagues explain and implement both Ladbrokes SE process and Multi-Operator process?

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