Bridge Club Risk Assessment (COVID-19)

The Location and Government Guidlines

Location of Bridge Club

Government advice

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The Session is limited to 20 players

Have all players completed health survey forms, today or previously?

Health survey forms must be completed at least once

Mitigating measures in place

Is there enough space in the room to have 5 tables of 4 players? Table dimensions 1200mm x 1200mm allow for 1.5m spacing between players

If "No" the Bridge session should "NOT" go ahead.

Social distancing in place

Has Bridge session been planned to ensure that players at adjoining tables are also 1.5m apart? (social distancing)

If "No" the Bridge session should "NOT" go ahead.

Social distancing in place

Have players been made aware of the Social Distancing guidelines - to keep at least 1.5m from each other, perhaps to bring own tea/coffee cup and pencils?

If "No" the Bridge session should "NOT" go ahead.

Social distancing and mitigating measures in place

Have tables and chairs been cleaned with soap and water and players made aware they should not touch surfaces unnecessarily?

Cleaning of surfaces to occur before play starts

Mitigating measures in place

Have general facilities been cleaned before Bridge session start? (Toilets, kitchen, door handles, bench tops)

General cleaning must occur before players allowed to enter bridge room

Mitigating measures in place

Playing rules explained? To include: player rotations, use of hand sanitiser, use of tea room and bathrooms?

Mitigating measures in place

If "No", Bridge Club Referee must explain new playing rules

Different handling of boards for different levels of restrictions have been explained?

Bridge session should NOT go ahead until board handling is explained

Stage 2 restrictions require no boards are moved at end of games

Stage 3 restrictions require boards to move when players rotate at end of games


Have all "No" answers been handled and risks adequately mitigated?

If "NO" Bridge Club session should "NOT" go ahead

Overall Risk Score following mitigating measures?

Risk assessment performed by
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