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Inspection Checklist


  • Building Name & Location:

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  • Name of auditor:

  • Are Suitable signs in place at building entrances to remind people entering the building of Covid 19 and the key Risks and Controls?

  • Are there clear instructions on how to wash hands in the WC's

  • Does any signage require replacing?

  • Have reception desks been provided with Perspex protective screens


  • Do waste bins have plastic bin liners. Are bins being regularly emptied ?


  • Are toilet access requirements being observed?

  • Do all WCs have adequate hand soap, method of drying hands and toilet paper?

  • Are staff and students wearing face coverings in accordance with guidelines and NTU advice?

Hygiene and Cleaning

  • Has the location been recently cleaned?

  • Are sufficient anti-bacterial hand cleaners available in the work environment

  • Are suitable anti-bacterial hand sanitizers installed to communal ares and are they operating?

  • Is there evidence that individuals have cleaned their workstations daily

  • Are offices clean and tidy making further cleaning easy


  • Are internal doors here possible on hold open devices to reduce contact surfaces (handles etc)

  • Are windows open where temperature allows to provide ventilation to the offices

  • Are individuals in the work environment safely separated at their desks 1meter plus >2m)

  • Are any practises being undertaken which have not been risk assessed example 1to1 meetings?

  • Are there the correct amount of occupants for the room/area which has been calculated and displayed?

  • Is PPE being used in areas which the RA has deemed a requirement?

First Aid

  • What is the process for summoning a first aider?


  • Are staff reminding students to social distance where applicable ?

  • Are staff raising any Estate related issues such as lack of sanitizer or space related working conditions via MY Hub?

Further Observations

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