• Project Name:

  • Location:
  • Date Collaborative Planning Workshop Completed:

PPC Information

  • Total Number of PLANNED Activities since last CP session?

  • Total Number ACTUALLY complete since last CP session?

  • Last Session (%) :

  • This Session (%) :

  • Average (4 Week) (%):

Key Reasons for NON - DELIVERY:

  • (A) Rework - (Number of Actions)

  • (B) Late Information - (Number of Actions)

  • (C) Insufficient Resource - (Number of Actions)

  • (D) Under Estimated / Low Output - (Number of Actions)

  • (E) External Dependency - (Number of Actions)

  • (F) Change in Priorities - (Number of Actions)

  • (G) Weather - (Number of Actions)

  • (H) Previous Activity Not Complete - (Number of Actions)

  • (I) Other - (Number of Actions)

  • Remarks:

Workshop Actions (Plan to Protect):

  • Current Weeks Plan to Protect Photo:

  • Add Notes:

Schedule - Weekly Pan:

  • Photos:

  • Add Notes:

Strategic Plan

  • Photos:

CP Session Sign off:

  • Final Comments....

  • Signature ....

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