Previous inspection?

  • Any outstanding comments or actions from last month?

Inspection Type & Frequency of inspection


  • Straight when sighted and not bowed or twisted

  • Free from impact damage?

  • Free from splinters, holes, tears, splits?

  • Free from corrosion, rot, mould, fungus?

  • Free from paint, chemical or other contamination?

Feet and End Caps

  • Are the Feet and End caps all there?

  • Secure with no loose or missing fixings?

  • Free from splits, cracks or other damage?

  • Free from paint, chemical or other contamination?

Ladder Fittings

  • Free throughout movement and free from damage?

  • Tie Rods & Struts are all there, securely fixed and free from damage?

  • Rivets & Welding all intact and secure?

  • Ropes & Pulleys working smoothly with no missing parts, free from damage and ropes free from fraying, cuts or wear?

  • Locking bars (Stepladder only) locks correctly, or anti-splay cords are intact & secured?

  • Access Gates intact & securely fixed?

Rungs or Treads

  • Are the rungs/treads all there?

  • Straight & tight (cannot be moved by hand)?

  • Free from over wear with no cracks or dents?

  • Free from corrosion, rot, mould, fungus?

  • Free from paint, chemical or other contamination?

Brackets, Hooks & Catches? (For leaning ladders only are they)

  • All there and securely fixed?

  • Working smoothly with no missing or damaged wear pads?

  • Free from corrosion, rot, mould, fungus?

  • Free from paint, chemical or other contamination?

  • Are the supporting stiles, straight (not twisted out)?

Inspection Summary

  • Are the ladders of suitable classification?

  • Is the ladder unmodified and in its original conditions?

  • Is the ladder inspection tag & holder present and in good condition?

  • Are the Safe Use & Warning labels present and legible?

  • Has the ladder passed the inspection and is fit for use?
    If No the ladder log inspection tag should be reversed to display the 'Do Not Use This Equipment' warning and the ladders removed from service to a secure quarantine location for further investigation.

Comments and Action Required?

  • If so, list them?

Sign Off

  • Auditor

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