• CRSSafety Audit

  • Document No.

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Ergonomics - Body Posture

  • Lifting/Bending

  • Reaching/Twisting

  • Pushing/Pulling

  • Posture

  • Awkward posture sustained

  • Two person lift used (material over 50lbs or bulk items)


  • E- Pre trip Inspection

  • F - Use of seatbelt

  • H- Proper use of trailer

  • H- proper use of forks

  • G-Prpoer use of horn

  • Misc. Notes

  • Misc. Picture

Behavioral Observations

  • Unsafe behaviors observed - Actions taken to correct & prevent reoccurrence

  • Safe behaviors observed - Actions taken to encourage safe behavior

Work Environment

Work Environment

  • Ceiling fans are in place and in good condition

  • Furniture & chairs are in good stable condition

  • Work Areas:Clean, sanitary, & orderly

  • Items stored properly to avoid tripping & falling

  • Debris and scrap stored safely

  • PPE is readily available and well maintained

  • Areas requiring PPE have adequate warning signs posted , and usage is enforced

  • work area is adequately illuminated <br><br>

  • Aisles and passageways are clear

  • Material Storage - Sharp projections do not interfere with the walkways

  • All aisles maintain a safe clearance (3 feet minimum)

  • There are appropriate clearances around transformers, electrical panels, water pipes, sprinkler heads, building systems, etc

  • walkways are free from tripping hazards

  • Spills and floor damage areas are clearly marked with caution cones/tape

  • All exits are clearly marked "exit" and signs are illuminated

  • All non exit doors are marked "not an exit"

  • Are all exits free of obstructions

  • Are all fire extinguishers clearly marked and kept free of obstruction?

  • Are fire extinguisher inspection up to date

  • Circuit Breakers marked and free of combustible materials


  • Ladders are in good condition and have current inspection ticket

  • All tools & equipment are in good working condition (corded devices have no frayed or exposed wires)

  • Tools & equipment are stored properly

  • All electric devices are plugged int secured outlets (extension cords and power strips for temporary use only)

  • All employees who use PIT hold a current license for the equipment

  • Employees driving PIT follow proper operating procedures and wear safety gear when applicable

  • All PIT have current inspection sheets

  • All out-of-service equipment has been moved off the floor and into quarantine location - awaiting repair


  • All chemicals are clearly marked & labeled

  • SDS (MSDS readily available & up to date for all chemicals in use

  • Appropriate PPE (when applicable) provided, used, & maintained

  • Combustible liquids are properly stored away from any heat sources

First Aid

  • First aid kits are wall mounted, fully stocked & clearly marked

  • Emergency Eye wash station is properly maintained & inspected

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