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Pre-maintenance Check

  • Before any site works are undertaken the following faults have been reported by site personnel or noted by the CSI engineer(s):

Work carried out

  • 1. Check the number of cameras, if this has changed from last visit, then please amend paperwork.

  • 2. Check control equipment, earliest recording date and that all cameras are recording and checked for playback and quality of image.

  • 3. Check to confirm the Recording Media (USB, DVD, Hard Drive)

  • 4. Check and confirm operation of TeamViewer remote access including passwords.

  • Check all passwords are noted for ES, Matrix, DVR, NVR, local playback viewer PC, networked playback PC and remote monitoring station.

  • details
  • Username and password

  • 6. Check and confirm all cameras physically inspected and list any cameras omitted and the reasons why. All omitted cameras will not be subject to preventive maintenance check list items 7 to 12.

  • 7. Check all camera hemispheres are cleaned and the camera view is clear.

  • 8. Check warning labels are still in place.

  • 9. Check all cables and conduits are properly supported, undamaged and showing no signs of excessive wear.

  • 10. Check for sound physical fixings of all equipment including loosening or corrosion of supports and fixings including towers and brackets.

  • 11. Check all glands and seals on external equipment.

  • 12. Check covers and housings have been removed and interiors cleaned where necessary.

  • 13. Check in the control room the picture quality of each camera and correct monitor selection.

  • 14. Check all automatic and remote control camera functions are satisfactory and the camera movement and fields of view are free from obstruction.

  • 15. Check operation of all monitoring, switching and recording equipment (including time and date generators) is satisfactory.

  • 16. Check function of all interfaces with alarms is satisfactory including correct triggering of alarms.

  • 17. Check operation of supplementary lighting is satisfactory.

  • 18. Check that the performance of the system(s) continues to meet the agreed specification/operational requirement according to the periodic test scheme agreed with the customer.

  • 19. Check, if the CCTV system is remote monitored, the system will be put on test with remote monitoring station and the below checks will be carried out: PIR activation, checking input is correct for relevant camera trigger. PTZ alarm presets activate with the desired PIR input. Monitoring station has received all alarm activations and a copy of activation report is sent to office and kept on file, with maintenance form.

  • 20. Check CCTV camera privacy masking is applied to all cameras requiring masking.

  • Photos of Works

TERMS & CONDITIONS Our full terms and conditions are detailed on our company website or available upon request. Maintenance work carried out in accordance with current equipment schedule. By signing this form I agree that the engineer has been on site for the time detailed, the works carried out are completed as described above and that I am authorised to sign this form on behalf of the organisation. This work will be charged for at a pre agreed fixed cost or at our scheduled rates. Trading Office: Icon Centre, Eastern Way, Daventry, Northampton, NN11 0QB This CCTV maintenance has been carried out as per NSI code of practice for the design installation and maintenance of CCTV equipment. NCP 104 As of the date stated below the CCTV system was checked as per above and all equipment was found to be operating correctly unless noted to the contrary. CSI will take no liability for failure of any equipment after this preventive maintenance visit. It is the customers responsibility to act upon the information supplied and instruct CSI if they wish to correct any of the faults reported or carry out advised alteration works. CSI also advise frequent visual and operational checks are made by members of the site's security/management team and any noted faults or defects are reported immediately to CSI via the pre-agreed method of communication. The system has been left in fully working order apart from the items listed above:

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  • Customer's / Customer Representative's Signature

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