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  • 1. Correct pressure relations. ( Negative to the hallways, positive in clean room)

  • 2. Temperature and Humidity Log filled out and within normal ranges.

  • 3. Door closed to hallway.

  • 4. Eye wash stations are checked on a weekly basis and documented.

  • 5. Floors are clean and free of clutter.

Decontamination Room

  • 1. Physical separation from the Clean Room.

  • 2. Separate sinks for washing instruments and for hygiene.

  • 3. PPE supplies present in decontamination room.

  • 4. Source of treated water present. (deionized, reverse osmosis, filtered)

  • 5. Cleaning Chemicals are not expired.

  • 6. Solution temp and soak time is monitored and documented.

  • 7. Pre-cleaning appears to be occurring before instruments are brought to decontamination.

  • 8. No "clean" items/equipment present in the decontamination room to prevent cross contamination.

PPE requirements

  • 1. A fluid resistant gown with sleeves is worn.

  • 2. Gloves, a mask and eye protection is worn.

  • 3. Shoe covers or boots designed for use as PPE being used.

  • 4. Hand hygiene performed after PPE is removed.

Clean Room

  • 1. Terminal Cleaning performed at the end of the day per policy.

  • 2. IFUs for sterilizers are being followed for operation and routine maintenance is being performed.

  • 3. Lot number and expiration date are being captured for the Bowie Dicks.

  • 4. Immediate use steam sterilization is being monitored.

  • 5. Test strips or indicators are dated correctly and labeled with expiration date.

Packaging and Storage

  • 1. All sterile peel packs are labeled with a sticker from CSR which identifies the load number and date that the peel pack was sterilized.


  • 1. All cylinders (oxygen, other compressed gas) are secured

  • 2. Fire extinguishers not obstructed from easy access

  • 3. No electrical panels are blocked

  • 4. hospital furnishings/equipment are kept in good repair

  • 5. Countertops/doors are in good condition with no chipping to laminate

  • 6. No supplies stored under sinks

  • 7. Paper is not present on fire-rated doors

  • 8. Maintains the integrity of egress throughout the unit

  • 9. No space heaters present

  • 10. There is at least 18" of open space maintained below a sprinkler deflector to the top of storage

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