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Charlton Triangle Homes Tenancy Verification

  • Property Address
  • Date and time of Audit:

  • Contact Number:

  • Are you the tenant?

  • What is your name?

  • Date of birth

  • What is your NI no?

  • Do you have an Email address?

  • When did you move into the property?

  • How many occupants are there at this address?

  • Proof of identity provided?

  • Proof of residency provided?

  • Do you work?

  • Do you drive or own a vehicle?

  • Do you have a car permit?

  • Are you registered at a doctors surgery?

  • Do you own, jointly own or have any interest in any property?

  • Have you ever owned, jointly owned or had an interest in any property?

  • Do you receive any benefits? WTC, CTC, CB,HB,UC

  • How much rent do you pay and how do you pay it?

  • When and what was the last repair done in your home?

  • Further Notes:


  • I/We declare that the information recorded on this form is true and accurate; I have not withheld any relevant or necessary information.

  • Signature:

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