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  • Is there a written and approved site Tramming and Working Near Slow Moving Mining Equipment procedure?

  • Has it been communicated to employees?

  • Has it been communicated to contractors?

General Tramming requirements

  • Do supervisors provide clear instructions to the operator of the machine and to a spotter about Tramming route and destination of the machine?

  • Are only trained spotters used during Tramming?

  • Is a spotter always visible during Tramming activity and wear all required PPE including reflective vest or jacket and two flags (red and green)?

  • Does spotter maintain a minimum safe distance of 20 metres away from the Tramming equipment?

  • Is there no person other than operator allowed on the equipment while trammining from block to block?

  • Is the Field Risk Assessment Process conducted when Tramming further than 100m distance ?

  • Do equipment when Tramming along the haul road keep as close as practicable to the right of the road and whenever vehicle or equipment need to go around the equipment, call to seek permission?

  • No person stand up in the equipment when Tramming?

  • Is the bucket of the equipment roughly 50cm off the ground when traveling up a slope, the boom is kept as close to the ground as possible?

  • Do inspection conducted on arrival at the destination to identify hazards that may require mitigation prior to the commencement for any task ?

Tramming of Excavators

  • Does spotter maintain a minimum of 20m distance, back/in front of the equipment and not on the side when Tramming?

  • Does spotter use signal whenever wants to speak to operator at the same distance and operator turns the engine off before spotter approaches the equipment?

  • Do responsible supervisor and spotter ensure prior to Tramming no person shall be closer than 20m from the Tramming zone?

  • Do person not allowed to stand or park vehicle in any close proximity of the Tramming excavator?

  • Does operator sound hooter before excavator start up and or trammining to warm personnel around the area?

Tramming of Drill Rigs

  • Does a base radio used instead of spotter?

  • Does operator ensure personal and equipment are out of the Tramming route before Tramming commence?

  • Do drill rig supervisor and assistant ensure no personnel within the Tramming direction?

  • Do drill rigs trammed at a reasonable speed to avoid possible accident?

  • Do sampling hoses removed from the tracks of the drill rig during Tramming?

  • Have explosives materials removed from the proposed path of the tracks of the rig during any tramming operation?

  • Does the mast in the horizontal position when trammining from the pit to the workshop or any other area from the pit?

  • Does the mast in the horizontal position when tramming from block to block and in vertical position when Tramming from hole to hole, provided that ground conditions permit?

  • Does the trammining path kept free from obstructions?

Working Near Slow Moving Mining Equipment

  • Is the safe distance of 20m maintained?

  • Has a review conducted before each shit begin and confirm communication signals between equipment operator and worked on foot?

  • Do individuals call the operator using radio or give signal before entering equipment working zone and operator respond and allow individual to get in while the bucket being lowered to the ground ?

  • Do employees always located outside the hydraulic excavator swinging radius?

  • Is there no employee stand under suspended load or suspended equipment components such as boom, arm or bucket?

  • Is there no employee working on foot approach working equipment until they signal the operator to shut down the equipment and receive the acknowledgment from the operator

Maintenance and Inspection while Tramming

  • Is a 20m safe distance maintained?

  • Does employee wear a leather apron and a full face shield covering head and neck whenever the distance needed to be less than 20m for the inspection to be effective?

  • Has a FRAP, SLAM or other risk assessment completed if the distance need to be less than 20m for the inspection to be effective?

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