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Noise Exposure Monitoring

  • Is the IH program determine noise exposure levels for employees who are required to work in areas where noise exposure levels may equal or exceed 85dB during a regular shift

  • Are high noise areas mapped, signposted and or otherwise communicated to employees working in the area?

  • Is the noise survey for the entire workplace conducted at a maximum interval of 2 years

  • Are noise dosimeter or badge used to determine personal noise exposure?

  • Is noise monitoring performed regularly or whenever change in production process, equipment or engineering controls is instituted ?

  • Are noise dosimeter and sound level meters factory calibrated as required?

Noise Control

  • Are engineering controls in place or considered to reduce noise?

  • On completion of the new plant are noise omissions and exposure determined?

  • Is there a noise control plan?

  • Is the noise control plan reviewed annually?

  • Where it is not possible to reduce exposure using engineering controls, are administrative noise controls and PPE considered?

  • Are all entrance or equipment with high noise levels (I.e. >85dB) posted with suitable signs stating the noise level and reminding employees of the type of hearing protection (single or double) that is required?

Hearing Protection Devices(HPD)

  • Where noise exceed 85dB, are personal protective device worn?

  • Is personal hearing protection made available to all employees who are at risk of exposure to Lex, 8 noise levels in excess of 85dB

  • Are employees trained on how to wear hearing protectors

  • Are supervisors responsible to ensure employees wear hearing protectors where required

Audiometric Testing

  • Is the site established audiometric testing program

  • Are audiometric tests conducted in an audiometric booth or quite room?

  • Are employees who are exposed to noise hazards at site included in an established audiometry program?

Information, Instruction and Training

  • Is there periodic training regarding noise exposure?

  • Is the training includes, the effect of noise, instructions on fitting, use and care of hearing protectors

  • Are training documented?

  • Are results of personal monitoring communicated to sampled individuals and management?

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