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Drive By Observations

  • Signage and Flags appearance

  • Landscape, Plants, Flower presentation, pots with color

  • Clubhouse Entrance areas, CWS mats fresh, front door and lights clean

Zero Defect Tour Route

  • Leasing desks clean & organized

  • Fitness Room presentation, TV's on, Music on

  • Business Center presentation

  • Pool presentation, chairs straight, pillows straight, umbrellas opened, gates secure

  • BBQ grills clean, countertop clean

  • Tour Route and grounds cleanliness

  • Model presentation

  • Parking lot, building, breezeway cleanliness

Leasing and Office Review

  • Leasing Goal Board in use and effective

  • Sales Meetings current/written agenda used

  • Daily Market Checklist current and signed by CD

  • Mini models set up, lease me checklists after 21 days vacant

  • Market Survey complete -Pricing accurate

  • Ellis/Yelp/Google Review and score satisfactory, most recent review positive

  • Review advertising rates current/specials/Photos current

  • Closing ratios at or above 30%

  • No HOUSE leases except CH and employee

  • Staff in-person comp shops recent

  • Yieldstar rate reviews submitted on time

  • Reviewed Expiration Summary Statistics report in YS for compliance

Make Ready Review

  • Vacant #1 make ready status

  • Vacant #2 make ready status

  • Vacant #3 make ready status

  • MR sheets utilized, uploaded and signed by CD and MD

  • MR Dates and downtime appropriate

  • Compliance using electronic make ready board

Today Page Review

  • Packets current

  • Follow-up Activity current

  • Renter's Insurance Current

  • All renewals generated timely

  • Level One calls reviewed

One Site Doc Mgmt

  • Pool logs uploaded

  • Package logs uploaded

  • Light maps/inspections uploaded

  • Annual property inventory uploaded

  • Recent quarterly inspection uploaded

  • Fire inspection and government inspections uploaded

Process Evaluation and Compliance Review

  • Review Employee Lease files for compliance - Sure Deposit, quote signed, CWS addendum, rent codes accurate

  • Sure Deposit process current/all claims filed

  • Write-off/delinquency process is followed

  • AvidXchange reviewed - invoices paid timely, disputed and on hold with notes

  • CD/RD notes for recent Process Evaluation uploaded in Citrix

  • Corrections made from last Process Evaluation

  • Controllable expenses on budget, review with team if not.

  • Check lease compliance report for any rent edits over past quarter, must have RD approval

Staffing and Deployment

  • Office/Maint. Staff presentation apparel to CWS standards

  • New hires have completed acclimation packets

  • Check for "past due" training in Cornerstone

  • BRIDGE Goal Board/receiving time at all meetings

  • CD/MD/ACD/AMD have completed safety mentor training

  • 100% staffed with no positions open more than 30 days

Renovation Review

  • Review of renovation protocol, up/down report in use


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