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  • Classroom

  • Date and Time of Inspection

  • Inspected by

  • Location


  • Program is smoke free.

  • All entrances/exits are kept clear of clutter, snow, ice, etc.

  • Staff purses and personal items are locked out of reach of children.

  • Hands are washed by staff and children upon arrival to classroom.

  • Each child has brief health check by classroom teacher (includes parent/caregiver communication).

  • Bleach solution is made daily, labeled and inaccessible to children.

  • All hygiene supplies are available (soap, paper towels, toilet paper, lined garbage can, warm water).

  • Area is generally clean and clutter-free (garbage emptied, floors swept, toys and work space, bathroom clean).

  • All chemicals are locked/out of reach of children.

  • Air fresheners are not used.

  • All electrical outlets are covered.

  • Furniture and equipment is in good repair (check for broken toys, accessories, wrinkled/disrepair rugs/carpet).

  • Heavy toys/items are stored on lowest shelf.

  • Window cords are adjusted to prevent strangulation.

  • Children’s personal/nap items are kept separated (use of cubbies, bags, or storage containers).

  • Tables and chairs are not stacked while children are present.

  • Playground and equipment is checked for garbage, standing water and other hazards before use.

  • Diapering supplies are gathered and within reach before beginning (including a lined and covered foot operated garbage can).

  • Cots/cribs are placed 3 ft apart or have barrier and assigned to a specific child or cleaned and sanitized after each use.

  • Approved safety gates are used on stairways, if necessary.

  • Screens, in good repair/secure and used in open windows and doors.

  • First aid kit is available in each room/appropriately stocked.

Infant Room (additions)

  • All bottles have full name/date and refrigerated immediately.

  • Infants always placed on their back to sleep in cribs/pack-n-plays.

  • Cribs are free of soft bedding, bumper pads, pillows and stuffed toys.

  • Cribs have tight fitting mattress and a secure fitted sheet.

  • High chairs are in good repair and cleaned and sanitized before/after use.

  • Safety restraints are used on infant seats, swings, strollers and high chairs.


  • Comments/Recommendations

  • Full Name and Signature of Inspector

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