Ardmore Cell Inspection - Stage 1

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Ardmore Wing - Stage 1

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0630 Inspection


  • Is the shirt collar ironed flat with no creases?

  • Is the front of the shirt ironed to expected standard and crease free?

  • Are all the buttons intact and done up correctly?

  • Are there any loose threads on the front section of the shirt?

  • Is the front of the shirt tucked in?


  • Is the RIGHT sleeve folded to correct length and measured correctly?

  • Is the RIGHT sleeve crease aligned in accordance with the SCE process (lesson plan)?

  • Are there any railway tracks on the RIGHT sleeve?

  • Is the LEFT sleeve folded to correct length (above elbow) and measured correctly?

  • Is the LEFT arm crease aligned in accordance with SCE processes (lesson plan)?

  • Are there any railway tracks on the LEFT sleeve?


  • Is the BACK of the shirt ironed in accordance with the SCE process (2 lines, straight and spaced accordingly)?

  • Is the back of the shirt tucked in?


  • Does the belt have any residue on any areas?

  • Are the female and male clips in the correct position?

  • Are the female/male clips highly polished and smear free?

  • Are the clips at the rear of the belt clean, smear free and no excess polish?

  • Is the belt placed on the correct way (check clips at rear of belt are upright)


  • Are the trousers clean and in good repair?

  • Are the creases on the trousers ironed to the landmarks required in the SCE "ironing" lesson plan?

  • Are the drawstrings at the base of the trousers tucked away?


  • Is the footwear clean?

  • Is the footwear highly polished

  • Are the laces tied?

Sign off of Uniform Inspection (Shift IC)

  • Uniform Inspection overall standard

  • All pick up points corrected

  • Any action points required for oncoming shift are annotated?

  • Shift IC

  • Signature

0800 Cell Inspector Details

  • Shift IC

  • Conducted by

  • Cell number

  • Inspection type

0800 Cell Inspection

Cell Area

  • Is the bucket placed centrally on the duckboard?

  • Is the handle in the correct position on the bucket?

  • Is the Garrison Items (inside bucket) placed neatly in the bucket as required?

  • Is the Duckboard placed correctly (check measuring spaces)

  • Are the Duckboard Coveralls folded to meet the required standard?

  • Is the towel dry and free of lint?

  • Is the footwear placed in the correct order?

  • Are the gumboots in line with the sink edge?

  • Is the footwear clean and dry?

  • Is footwear free of stones and other debris?

  • Are the shoe laces tied away correctly?

  • Is the Sink Plug coiled correctly, and placed centrally?

  • Is the Sink polished and free of fingerprints/marks/polish residue?

  • Is the Sink free of dust and debris?

  • Is the sink piping clear of dust?

  • Is the toilet paper folded from right to left as per lesson plan?

  • Is the toilet roll holder dust free?

  • Is the exterior of the toilet, polished, smear free and clean of marks?

  • Is the Toilet area free of dust (includes toilet piping)

  • Is the interior of the Toilet hygienically clean?

  • Is the toilet combing clean? Polished (steel areas only) and free or marks?

  • Is the window opened to required spacing

  • Is the internal window clean, cobweb free?

  • Is the external window clean and cobweb free?

  • Is the window ledge clean, dust and debris free?

  • Is the floor area free of dust, marks (including under the bed)?

Bed Area

  • Does the pillow placement meet the required standard?

  • Is the pillow case clean?

  • Is the sleeping attire neatly folded?

  • Has the bed pack been constructed to meet the required standard?

  • Is the bed pack tight (no gaps, and not sagging)

  • Has the bed base been constructed to meet the required standard?

  • Is the red line in correct position with middle of bad base

  • Is the remaining bed area free of lint, marks and debris?

  • Are the hospital corners folded to the correct angle and tight

Wardrobe and Drawers

Wardrobe Top Shelf

  • Is the top area free of dust and lint?

  • Is the jungle hat in the correct position (On ICI mat or on top shelf)

  • Is the jungle hat lint free

  • Is the beanie (winter issue only) in the correct position

  • Is the Beanie lint free

  • Is the white bucket in the correct position

  • Is the white bucket clean (exterior)

Low Boy - Main Area

  • Is this area dust/lint free and clean?

  • Are items in correct layout?

  • All the issued books in correct order

  • Is the toothbrush clean

  • Is the toothpaste lid clean

  • Is the toothpaste pushed to the top of the tube?

  • Are the Soap dishes clean of soap debris and dust/lint free

  • Is the Silvo Tin clean

  • Is the Silvo tin dry

  • ID card present, and in correct position

  • Is the scrubbing brush clean of debris

  • Are both drawers spaced correctly (1 measuring stick)

Top Drawer

  • Is the drawer dust/lint/debris free?

  • Is the PT shirt in correct position

  • Is the PT shirt folded to correct size

  • Is the PT shirt lint free

  • Is the PT towel in the correct position

  • Is the PT towel folded to correct size

  • Is the PT towel clean and dry

  • Are the PT shorts rolled and placed in correct position

  • Are the PT socks rolled correctly with smiley face showing

Bottom Drawer

  • Is the drawer lint, dust and debris free

  • Are the coveralls in the correct place

  • Are the coveralls sized correctly

  • Are the coveralls zipped to the top

  • Are the coveralls clean and free of lint

  • Is the Garrison Jersey in the correct position

  • Is the garrison jersey sized correctly

  • Is the string tied in a reef knot on the garrison jersey

  • Is the garrison jersey clean and lint free

  • Is the thermal placed correctly (winter only)

  • Is the thermal sized correctly

  • Is the thermal lint free

  • Is the underwear rolled and in the correct position


  • Improvement from previous day?

  • Any repeated pick ups from previous day? (this can be checked on completion of inspection)

  • Re-inspection Required?

  • Any further comments


  • Has detainee been briefed on action points

  • Have all action points been rectified prior to sign off

  • Shift IC name

  • Shift IC Sign

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