All Security Patrols will be checked, reviewed and validated randomly by Premier Supervisor / Management and will be reviewed with The Centre Manager.
Any discrepancies will be challenged and valid reasons must be given for any deviations.
The appropriate remedial action will be planned and delivered as a priority.

Weather conditions

Control Room Start
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Are doors working correctly and free from damage?

Fire Exit doors working and clear of obstructions?

CCTV Camaras and monitors in working order?

Radios and communication equipment in working order ?

lift working?

Perimeter Check

Site perimeter near Unit 11 and behind units 1 - 11 in order?

Tap when on Rochdale Road

Sub station secure and clear of debris ?

McDonald's carpark and footpaths clear of defects?

Asad PFS perimeter in order, roads and footpaths clear from defects ?

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Perimeter and car park entrances down Moston Lane are clear and free from any defects ?

Tap when corner of Moston Lane and upper Conran street.

Perimeter, Car park area, entrances down Upper Conran street are hazard free and clear of defects ?

Car Parks and Service Areas

Car park bays and markings clear and visable ?

Car park lights ok?

Service Area entrance clear and hazard free?

Service area lights working ok?

Skip area and skips clear?

Entry and exit barriers in good working order?

Zebra crossings clear and hazard free for pedestrians?

Mall Areas / Pedestrian walkways
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Paving slabs hazard and damage free?

Mall benches ok?

Drains clear?

Mall bins ok?

External ashtrays ok?

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Store frontages

External lights and signage ok ?

Glazing damage free?

Shutters ok?

Wall tiles damage free?

External drainage pipes damage free?

Indoor market area
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Canopy damage free?

Paving in good repair, stains and damage free?

Poles and Scaffolding in decent repair and safe ?

Toilets ok?

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Full Security Patrol completed,all Perimeter and floor areas are found to be clear of defects and dry at the time of inspection.

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