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  • Daily security, h&s and defect monitoring patrol sheet

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Fire exits

  • Are fire exits free from obstructions?

Shop fronts

  • Are shop front glasses intact and undamaged?

Front doors

  • Are front doors secure and in good order?


  • Is outside storage well away from buildings and off Landlord areas?


  • Are electrical and other service cupboards free from obstructions?

  • Are the premises clear of waste?

  • Are waste bins in the correct position?


  • Free from evidence of impact damage?

  • Are walls, doors and other surfaces free from graffiti?


  • Are canopies undamaged?


  • Is site lighting working adequately?

  • Are lamps/poles free from visible damage?

Fire alarm panels

  • Are any faults present on fire alarm panels?

Fencing boundaries

  • Are site fences/boundary fences secure and intact?

Access roads

  • Are road markings clear from obstructions?

  • Are service roads without potholes?

Estate signage

  • Are the signs in place and free from obstruction and graffiti?


  • Are cars/lorises parked without causing obstruction?

Gullies, manholes and drains

  • Are all gullies, manholes and drain covers in place and clear?

Pest control

  • Are rats/rodents/pigeons being controlled?


  • Are these in place, secure and without tripping hazards?

Landscaping/pot plants

  • Is the landscaping free from waste and weeds?

  • Are the plant pots in a safe position?

  • Are the planters undamaged?


  • Are the common areas free from dirt and rubbish?

  • Are the common areas free from obstructions?

  • Are the footpaths and entrances free from dirt, rubbish and obstructions?


  • Is smoking outside carried out in designated areas?


  • Are there sufficient quantities of salt/sand on site?

Restricted access

  • Are restricted access areas locked? (DO NOT ENTER)

Plant rooms

  • Are plant rooms/roof areas locked? (DO NOT ENTER)

Riser cupboards/access

  • Are riser cupboards/access locked?

Vacant units

  • Are vacant units secure?

Directory boards

  • Are signs and directory boards clean and undamaged?

Road, pavements, access routes and yards

  • Are these areas free from build up of snow, ice or rainwater?

Landings and stairways

  • Are all landings and stairways free from damage?

Fixed ladders

  • Are fixed ladders secured against unauthorised access? (DO NOT CLIMB)

Fire extinguishers

  • Are fire extinguishers in place?


  • Are lift emergency phones still in place and working? (Tested weekly on a Wednesday day shift)

Other (please detail below)

  • Sign when completed

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