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  • Fleet no:

  • Supervisor

  • Operator

  • Date:

  • Engine hours:

  • Kilometer reading:
  • Site:

Items to check

  • Danger,out of service or information tags

  • Body damage-if yes report

  • Ladders,hand rails,steps

  • Wheels and tyres,wheelnut indicators present and in correct position,spare wheels,jack and accessories,wheel chocks

  • Quality control equipment

  • Windows and mirrors

  • First aid kit,eyewash bottle &safety bag seals intact

  • Fire extinguishers and AFFF

  • Engine oil level

  • Coolant level

  • Brake and clutch fluid levels, parkbrake operational & alarm working

  • Window washer fluid

  • Batteries and terminals are secure

  • Cabin and tray cleanliness

  • Seats,seatbelt condition and function

  • Dash lights and gauges function

  • Fuel level

  • Twoway radio is operational

  • Reversing alarm and horn

  • Foot and park brake functional

  • Drain air tanks

  • Front and rear lights

  • Visual inspection palfinger pins, capture bolts and washers,cracks,hydraulic hoses & harnesses

  • Hopper levels checked before leaving site


  • Switch on my 7 units

  • Think green zone frames

  • Am I an ILOC on the court

  • Reframe if necessary

  • Take 5! What's important now?

Notes: ANY equipment defects/maintenance required

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