• Inspection Title

  • Audit Area

  • Shift

  • Conducted on

  • Your Current Department

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Previous inspection

  • First time auditing area?

  • Are there any outstanding actions from previous audits?

General Safety

  • ANSI approved safety glasses with side shields worn by all employees?

  • Other applicable PPE inspected and worn correctly? (Hearing protection, cut-resistant sleeves/gloves, etc.)

  • Is the area free from water or any other substances that could create a slip, trip, or fall hazard?

  • Take picture of finding

  • Wet floor signs are available? Wet floor signs are stored in the proper place when not in use?

  • Are all ladders properly secured when not in use?

  • Take picture of ladder not properly stored.

Hazard Communication

  • Does area have a flammable liquid storage cabinet?

  • Are chemicals properly stored? (i.e flammable stored in fire rated cabinet, no items stored on top, cabinet grounded)

  • Take picture of finding

  • Does the flammable cabinet contain combustible materials?

  • Take picture of combustables

  • Are flammable cabinet doors shut when not in use?

  • Take picture of open flammable cabinet

  • Are items stored on top of flammable cabinet?

  • Take picture of items stored on top of flammable cabinet

  • Are all secondary containers labeled correctly and legible?

  • Take picture of finding

  • Is correct PPE worn when handling chemicals? (Where required)

  • Do employees know the chemical and physical hazards associated with the chemicals they are using? (Where Applicable)


  • Interview(s)

  • Employee
  • Employee Name

  • Job Title

  • Chemical Physical Hazards - Hazard Pictograms

  • Physical Health Hazards

Machines and Guarding

  • Is Pre-Shift inspection completed and signed by Operator and Supervisor? (Where applicable)

  • Take picture of inspection

  • Take a picture of incorrect pre-shift inspection and assign action to correct finding

  • Are work guidances posted and do they include PPE requirements and safety awareness? (Where applicable)<br><br>

  • Take picture of work guidance(s)

  • Take picture of incorrect work guidance and assign action to correct finding

  • Are Lock-Out Tag-Out procedures posted? (Where applicable)<br><br>

  • Take picture of LOTO Procedure(s)

  • Take picture of missing procedure and assign action to correct finding.

  • Are LOTO locks attended and controlled by assigned operator? (No LOTO locks can be left unauthorized with key present)

  • Take a picture of uncontrolled or unattended LOTO lock and assign action to correct finding

  • Are all machine entrapment procedures posted? (Where applicable)

  • Take picture of entrapment procedure

  • Are all machine safe guards in place and not damaged? (Light Curtains, E-Stops, Presence Sensing Devices, Safety Awareness Chains) (Where applicable)

  • Take picture of missing or damaged presence sensing device.

Fire Protection and Emergency Exits

  • Are fire extinguishers accessible and tag current within one month of today's date? <br>NOTE: There should be nothing stored or staged within three feet of the fire extinguisher.

  • Take picture of fire extinguisher with tag to date

  • Take picture of blocked fire extinguisher or out of date tag. Assign action to correct finding.

  • Are emergency exit signs illuminated?

  • Take picture of non-illuminated sign and assign action to correct finding.

  • Is there a clear pathway to the exits?

  • Take picture of what is blocking pathway to exit. Assign action to correct finding.

  • Are evacuation maps posted in area?

  • Take picture of evacuation map in area

  • Are all gas cylinders secured to the wall and are protective caps in place when not in use? (Where applicable)

  • Take picture of missing protective caps or unsecured gas cylinder(s) and assign action to correct finding.

  • Add media

Electrical Safety

  • Are there electrical panels available within the work area?

  • Are all electrical panel doors closed and with nothing stored within 3 feet in front of them?

  • Take picture of electrical panel

  • Are electrical cords free of cuts, nicks and bare wires?

  • Take picture of electrical cord with cuts, nicks, or bare wires

  • Are extension cords being used in work area?

  • Take picture of extension cord used

Forklift and Rack Safety

  • Is pre-shift forklift checklist completed by forklift operator with no findings? (Assign action if not completed)

  • Take picture of the pre-shift checklist

  • Are forklift operators sounding horns at intersections, corners and when in reverse?

  • Are forklifts operated safely at all times?<br>NOTE: Check for seatbelts, excessive speed, sudden stopping and turning.

  • Are racks and pallet decking available within the audit area?

  • Are any racks or pallet decking damaged?

  • Are all weight limits posted on all pallet decking within audit area?

Employee Communication and Suggestions

  • Are there any additional employee safety concerns?

  • Describe the employee safety concern.

  • Employee Name and Job Title

  • Are there any additional safety concerns within work area? (If yes, create action describing additional safety concern)

Sign Off

  • Auditor's signature

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