Appearance / Uniforms

  • Is the driver in proper uniform?

  • Shirt clean and tucked ?


  • Wearing steel toed shoes and appropriate PPE?

  • Is the truck safely Parked?

  • Safety cones visible(2 cones where it makes sense)?

  • Not blocking handicapped spots/ramps?

  • Does the driver leave their truck properly secure, windows up, and keys in hand?

  • Properly operates lift gate with flap up?

  • Properly operate their pallet jack(uses horn and walks to the side, positions it to minimize obstructions)?

  • Does the driver use proper lifting techniques(MoveSmart)?

  • Operates their hand truck/cart safely, efficient, and effectively?

Customer Service

  • Is the customer greeted as they enter the account?

  • Was the check-in process completed accurately?

  • Was the product put away, rotated, and organized?

  • Did the driver complete necessary merchandising where appropriate?

  • Was the sales rep, supervisor, or merchandiser contacted when appropriate?

  • Was the customer thanked for their business at the end of the delivery process?


  • Was the driver observed driving safely and following all driving laws and regulations?

  • Is the driver operating vehicle with the rear door down, securely latched, and lift gate in the upright position?

  • Is the tractor kept in a clean and orderly condition?

  • Is the trailer clean, cargo condensed, stacked properly, and secure for transportation?

Compliance and Policies

  • Did the customer sign either the digital pad on palm or paper invoice?

  • Can the driver explain DOT rules: Reset Rule, Lunch Break Rule, Big Day Rule, Daily Hour Rule, Weekly Hour Rule?

  • Is the driver logged into GreenMile properly?

  • Is the drivers voicemail set up properly? (Call drivers phone at time of audit while with the driver to verify)

Comments & Signatures

  • Driver Comments

  • Driver Signature

  • Auditors Comments

  • Auditors Signature

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