Arrival Checklist

  • Permission slip completed.

  • Permission granted by Client, landowner. Flight from and landing including video recording.

  • Permit completed.

  • Setup area is free from traffic and exposure to harsh weather conditions.

Locate a setup area free from exposure to harsh weather if possible.

  • Equipment case setup on flat ground.

  • Confirm safe distance to nearest airport and/or controlled airspace using DJI app.

  • Is this flight a commercial operation, requiring air traffic control approval?

  • If required, use VHF aviation transceiver to contact air traffic control tower if closer than 5NM.

Pre-Flight Checklist

  • Remove Transmitter

  • Router

  • Transmitter

  • Video Monitor

  • Remove UAS from case

  • Gimball Lock & Lens Cap Removed

  • UAS Battery Inserted checked full

  • Micro SD Card Inserted

  • UAS Battery On

  • Charge Levels

  • Wifi Connection to Monitor

  • DJI Application Connected to Camera

  • Format SD Card

  • Satellite Connections

  • Place UAS in clear and safe launch and recovery position for return to home.

  • Calibrate and set for home base. Check for safe flight mode.

  • Video Recording Started

  • You are now ready for take off

After Takeoff Checklist

Flight safety check

  • Safely Hover approximately ten feet above the ground to confirm UAV is under control.

  • All sticks operate correctly while in hover

  • Rotate 360

  • Fly 1 meter north,south,east west.

Flight path

  • Area free from people

  • Hazards identified and flight plan adjusted.

  • Checked for overhead wires.

Post-Landing Checks

  • Video recording stopped on DJI App

  • Battery

  • Transmitter

  • Router

  • Notify Tower/CTAF - End of Ops

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