• Dodd Group as Principal Contractor

  • Dodd Group as Sub-contractor

  • Direct employees

  • Agency/Sub-contractor staff employed by Dodd Group

  • Is there a separate Dodd Group site office or dedicated Dodd Group notice board


1. Welfare Facilities

  • Are toilet, urinal & washing facilities adequate for the number of persons on site ?

  • Is there an effective hot & cold running water supply ?

  • Is there a soap or hand wash dispensing station ?

  • Are there sufficient and adequate means for drying hands, face etc. i.e. towel or air dryer ?

  • Have adequate changing/drying areas been provided ?

  • Is there fresh drinking water available ?

  • Is there any means to boil water ?

  • Is there any means to heat a meal ?

  • Is the lighting & heating in the welfare area adequate ?

  • Are welfare areas kept clean & tidy ?

2. First Aid

  • Does the site have adequate first aid cover ?

  • Is there a first aid box suitable located ?

  • Is the First Aid Box adequately stocked and the contents in date ?

3. Plant & Equipment

  • Are all power tools 110 volt or below ?

  • Is all electrical equipment clearly marked with an in date PAT Label ?

  • Are all power tools in good condition and any safety devices operating correctly ?

  • Are cables, transformers & splitter boxes in good condition ?

  • Are machine / tool safety guards in good condition ?

  • Is it clear that the right plant & equipment is being used for the job ?

  • Is access equipment in good condition e.g. podiums, mobile towers, stepladders and ladders ?

  • Are all stepladders class 1 or EN 132 ?

  • Are operatives trained & competent to operate MEWPS, abrasive wheels etc. ?

  • Are visual & audible warnings on site plant working ?

  • Are MEWPS switched off and keys removed from ignition when left unattended ?

  • Are battery operated MEWPS charged in a well ventilated area ?

4. Personal Protective Equipment

  • Are all operatives wearing mandatory PPE ?

  • Are other items of PPE being used when required ?

  • Are all items of PPE in good condition ?

  • Are operatives wearing suitable clothing ?

5. Fire & Emergency

  • Is there a means of raising the alarm, and does it work ?

  • Are there adequate escape routes and are they kept clear ?

  • Are there adequate fire exit signs ?

  • Are adequately suitable fire extinguishers provided and are they accessible ?

  • Are suitable fire extinguishers accessible within the vicinity of Hot Works ?

  • Has annual servicing of extinguishers been maintained ?

  • Are fire extinguishers fully charged ?

  • Is the area clear of combustible materials where hot works are being conducted ?

  • Is the area clear of flammable substances where hot works are being conducted ?

  • Are flammable liquids and gases stored correctly ? e.g. LPG & Acetylene ?

6. Housekeeping & Environmental

  • Are scaffold platforms free from debris & materials ?

  • Is the site kept tidy ?

  • is the site free from trip hazards ?

  • Are materials stored safely ?

  • Is the site adequately lit in all areas ?

  • Have precautions been taken to prevent nuisance from dust ?

  • Is the area underneath and around cement silo's kept clean & tidy ?

  • Is there a bunded area around fuel bowsers ?

  • Have precautions been taken to prevent contamination of ground & water sources ?

  • Is waste segregated and disposed of in appropriate skips ?

7. Static & Mobile Tower Scaffolds

  • Are static scaffolds erected, altered & dismantled by competent persons ?

  • Are all uprights provided with base plates & where necessary timber sole plates ?

  • Are all uprights, ledgers, braces & struts in position and in good condition ?

  • Is the scaffold tied to the building or structure to prevent collapse ?

  • Are upper & mid guard rails fitted at every edge to prevent falls ?

  • Are adequate toe boards fitted at every edge ?

  • Are additional brick guards provided to prevent materials falling from scaffold ?

  • Is there safe access to the scaffold platform ? i.e. tied ladder extending 1m or 5 rungs above landing point ?

  • Are work platforms fully boarded & are boards arranged to avoid tipping or tripping ?

  • Are there effective barriers or warning notices in place to stop operatives using an incomplete scaffold ?

  • Is the Maximum Safe Working Load (SWL) displayed on scaffold loading bays ?

  • Are loading bays fitted with swing gates or other edge protection to prevent falls ?

  • Does a competent person inspect the scaffold at regular intervals ?

  • Are mobile tower scaffolds erected, altered and dismantled by competent persons ?

  • Do mobile tower scaffolds have scafftags or similar means to identify inspection ?

  • Are these inspections being carried out by a PASMA qualified person ?

  • Have mobile tower scaffolds been correctly erected ?

  • Are incomplete mobile tower scaffolds suitably identified to prevent use ?

8. Site Security & Public/Site Operative Safety

  • Is the site securely fenced from the public with hoarding or other suitable barriers ?

  • Are site safety notices prominently displayed ?

  • Is the site adequately protected from trespass ?

  • Is there a site speed limit? Is it enforced & being adhered to ?

  • Are pedestrian & vehicle routes segregated as far as reasonably practicable ?

  • Are holes barricaded and marked to prevent falls ?

  • Has robust fall protection been provided across dry riser openings ?

  • Has robust fall protection been provided across lift shaft openings ?

  • Are there adequate barriers or edge protection to stop operatives or materials falling from roofs ?

  • Are operatives & members of the public protected from falling material ?

  • Have hearing protection zones been marked ?

  • Are energised circuits, panels and other conductors properly guarded or secured ?

  • Are temporary 415 volt sub-main enclosures securely locked ?

  • Have operatives been informed of any potential Asbestos Hazards ?

9. Excavations

  • Is there adequate support for the excavation, or has it been sloped or battered back to a safe angle ?

  • Is there safe access into the excavation, e.g. sufficiently long, secured ladder ?

  • Are there barriers or other methods of protection to stop people & vehicles falling in ?

  • Is the excavation safe in relationship to the stability of neighbouring structures or services ?

  • Are materials, spoil and plant stored away from the edge of the excavation to reduce the risk of collapse ?

  • Is the excavation regularly inspected by a competent person ?

10. Safe Method of Working

  • Are Temporary Works carried out in a safe and proper manner ?

  • Are the wheels of mobile tower scaffolds & podiums locked when in use ?

  • Are the platforms of mobile tower scaffolds & podiums empty when they are moved ?

  • Are operatives accessing and egressing mobile tower scaffolds correctly ?

  • Are operatives closing the gate when working on podiums ?

  • Are MEWPS being operated safely ?

  • Has a suitable Permit to Work system been implemented ?

  • Is there a safety barrier around portable pipe threading machines ?

  • Have welding screens been erected where arc welding is being conducted ?

  • Are warning notices displayed when welding works are in process ?

  • Are operatives following Method Statements ?

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