Hazard ID

  • Hazard ID is on site and completed by team before commencing work.

  • Hazards and controls are relevant to the work being undertaken.

Service plans and permits?

  • Close access permits handed to contractor?

  • Service plans on site, current, and complete minimum A3 in size?

MARKOUTS completed for gas, power, telco and water services. (Include other if rel. such as fuel lines?

  • Record image of each of these services marked out on site?

  • Telco marked out in purple?

  • Correct coding in place?

  • Gas is marked out in yellow?

  • There is a close access consent in place? Record the number

  • Power marked in orange

  • There is a close consent in place? Record the number.

  • Water potable marked out in blue?

  • Sewer and storm water marked out in correct colours?

  • Critical services marked out I.e. mains, high voltage power, hi cap telco etc.

Civil excavations

  • Excavation material is removed and clear of the trenching?

  • Excavations are stable, battered or shored?

  • Excavations unattended are made safe I.e. back filled, or closed off with barriers?

  • Hazardous work notification in place for excavations over 1.5 metres? (copy must be physically held on site)

Environmental protection

  • Record image of sediment control in place.

  • Sediment cloth in place minimum of 50 metres down flow of all excavations including: drilling, trenching, hydro vac, pot holing, etc....

  • There is spill response equipment on site?

Personal protective equipment

  • Excavation work personnel wearing FR overalls, safety glasses, safety footwear.

  • All traffic management PPE in good condition and worn properly?

Traffic management

  • Image of the TMP Signage and setup on site.

  • The CAR NOTICE is on site.


  • TMP. Is set up according to those TMP approved in the CAR.

  • STMS CONTACT details recorded on site.

  • Equipment and plant setup inside the TMP zones?

  • Safe pedestrian access maintained?

  • Barriers in good condition and safe?

  • Cones in good condition?

  • General comments and actions required?

Sign off of prestart inspection

  • Contractor/Team Leaders signature

  • Site Supervisors signature.

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