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House Keeping

  • How is cord management?

  • Are Stairways clear?

  • Is wire or jet line creating tripping hazards?

  • Is material storage neat?

  • Are there any rolling hazards?

Access and Egress into the building / job site

  • Are these areas clearly marked?

  • Are they obstructed or blocked?

  • Do these areas require steps or ramps?

Pre-Task Plans

  • Is it filled out in detail?

  • Has the foreman or lead person signed off on the Pre-task plan?

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Hand and Power Tools

  • Have they been inspected? (assured grounding)

  • Is the right tool for the right job being used?

  • Is the tool being used properly?

  • Are the guards in place?

  • If a Port-a-band is being used is a tripod in place?

Powder / Gas Actuated Tools

  • Is the employee trained and have a training card on their person?

  • Is the employee using a face sheild?

  • Are the used shots being disposed in water?

  • Are any shots used or unused on the ground?

Flammables / Combustibles

  • Are they being stored properly?

  • Are they clearly labeled?

  • Is there a fire extinguisher within 25'?

First Aid Kits / D.P. Postings

  • Is there a first aid kit on site?

  • Are there any expired items in the kit?

  • Are the OSHA posters and the R U DP board posted so that employees can see them?

Fork Lift

  • Is the operator trained and have a training card on their person?

  • Is the operator using the seatbelt?

  • Are there any distractions such as talking on the phone or a radio on board?

  • Is the operator using a safe travel path and obeying speed limits?

Excavations and Trenching

  • Has the person been trained and have a training card on their person to be working in an excavation?

  • Has the area been surveyed by Blue Stake or a private locator?

  • Does the excavation need any safety shoring, benching or sloping?

  • Is there egress within 25' of employees?

  • Is the trench or excavation red barricaded off and maintained?


  • Have the ladders been inspected and maintained?

  • Are the ladders being used properly?

  • Is the extension ladder secure 3' above the working surface?

  • Are the stickers legible? (duty rating and safety)

  • Are tools being stored on top of the ladder?

  • Is the set up of the ladder on a stable surface and clear of debris underneath?

Fall Protection

  • Is fall protection being used at heights of 6' and greater?

  • Has the fall protection been inspected?

  • Are floor holes covered and clearly marked?

Lock Out Tag Out

  • Has the employee been trained to perform LOTO?

  • Has the LOTO log been filled out and correspond with the lock that is installed?

Personnel Lifts (Scissors and Boom)

  • Has the employee been trained to operate a lift and have a training card on their person?

  • Has a daily lift inspection checklist been filled out?

  • Is the area safe to be operating a lift? (uneven surfaces, leading edges, debris)

Fire Protection

  • Is there a fire extinguisher present in the job site office trailer and material trailer?

  • Has the monthly inspection been conducted and documented?

  • Has the annual inspection and or service been performed and documented?

Air Compressors

  • Do the gauges work properly?

  • Are the hoses in good condition?

  • Are the hose joint connections secured with a pin?

Spider Boxes

  • Has the daily inspection been conducted and documented?

  • Is there any cord damage? ( If so have the cord taken out of service)

Assured Grounding

  • Are all company power tools clearly marked with the proper color code (1st quarter White, 2nd quarter Green, 3rd quarter Red, 4th quarter Orange)

  • Are the assured grounding records on site?


  • Are the employees wearing Z87 safety glasses?

  • Are the employees wearing a hard hat?

  • Are the employees wear the right glove for the job?

  • Are the employees wearing a Hi-Vis vest?

Drinking Water

  • Is water readily available to all employees?

  • Are drinking cups available at the cooler?"

  • Is there a receptacle available for used cups?


  • Are rebar caps in place?


  • Supervisor's Signature Acknowledgment of Audit Findings

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