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  • Is drilling area/perimeters clearly demarcated?

  • Is the berm/windrow on the open face higher or equal to 30cm and perimeter windrow higher/equal to 60cm?

  • Is perimeter of drill area 10m or more away from drill pattern?

  • Is the highwall free of loose rocks?

  • Is all dangerous ground demarcated and barricaded?

  • Do LV's have designated parking area and is it demarcated?

  • Are all the people on the drill area wearing correct PPE?

  • Are drill correctly spaced to avoid any collisions/contact?

  • Are all operators trained and authorized to operate drillrigs?

Production Drilling

  • Are all the drillrigs lined up correctly on the pattern?

  • Are the drill masts in correct position? (90 degrees)

  • Are all drillholes holes clearly marked?

  • Is the burden and spacing correct for the area?

  • Are all limits in place and clearly marked? (Crests, toes ramp limits)

  • Are the holes drilled to correct depth and on correct position?

  • Are the offsets between production holes and buffer holes correct?

  • Is every drillrig equipped with the required consumables?


  • Is the drillrig cab's clean and free from loose objects?

  • Does every rig have a fire extinguisher/fire suppression?

  • Have the pre-start been done and checklist available?

  • Is dust suppression working?

  • Are the windows on the drillrigs clean and and not broken to ensure clear visibility?

  • Are the air conditioners working and all doors and windows closed?

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