Site conditions

  • Weather conditions

  • Approx. temperature

Permits, licensing, registration details

  • Site registered with the EA

  • Are permits in place if required

  • Policies displayed

  • Insurances in place and available

Air pollution control

  • Site watered to minimise dust generated

  • Stockpiled materials watered

  • Dust boss in place

  • Vehicles sheeted prior to leaving site

  • Add media

  • Work areas watered

  • Plant / equipment well maintained (eg no black smoke observed)

  • Speed control measures employed

  • Hoarding provided along boundaries and maintained

  • Add media

  • Other - please define

Noise control

  • Equipment operates with doors closed

  • Idle equipment or plant turned off or throttled down

  • Equipment has noise ratings shown

  • Noise mitigation measures in place (barrier / enclosure)

  • Utilisation of silencing equipment

  • Other - please define

Waste Management

  • Site kept clean and tidy

  • Add media

  • Chutes used for material dropping

  • Asbestos wastes handled correctly

  • Separate labelled containers/areas provided for recycling & waste segregation

  • Add media

  • Construction, recyclable and general waste regularly removed from site

  • Spill kits available and appropriate

  • Add media

  • Wastes collected and disposed of by licensed carriers

  • Chemical wastes properly stored and labelled

  • Oil drums and plant/ equipment provided with drip tray

  • Are drip trays free of oil/water

  • Oil or other contaminant spillage contained and cleaned up

  • Litter or other objectionable materials cleaned up

  • Other - please define

Protection of flora, fauna, historical heritage or SSSI

  • Disturbance to flora minimised

  • Disturbance to fauna minimised

  • Heritage preserved

  • Tree protection orders applied as applicable

  • Wildlife protection as applicable

  • Other - please define

Water Pollution Control

  • Discharge license required

  • Discharge license conditions complied with

  • Waste water treatment system used and maintained

  • Waste water being treated

  • Measures provided to properly direct effluent to remove silt

  • Bundled fuel tank in place if appropriate

  • Fuel tank locked

  • Bund free of liquid

  • Spill kit located in vicinity of bunded tank

  • Site map in place identifying location of drainage

  • Manholes on site covered and sealed

  • Vehicles/plant clean before leaving site

  • Wheel wash facilities as appropriate

  • Public road/area around site entry and site hoarding clean and free from dirt

  • Domestic water directed to septic tanks / foul drains

  • Other - please define

Storage of Chemicals & Dangerous Goods

  • Chemicals stored and labelled properly

  • Spill kits used for absorbing chemical spillage readily accessible

  • Gas bottles stored correctly

  • Proper measures in place to control oil, chemical spillage during routine maintenance

  • Other - please define

Resource Conservation

  • Watered recycled wherever possible for dust suppression

  • Water pipe leakage and wastage prevented

  • Discharge license / permit in place

  • Diesel powered plant and equipment shut off while not in use in order to reduce excessive use

  • Energy conservation practices adopted

  • Other - please define

Emergency Preparedness & Response

  • Fire extinguishers / facilities appropriate to site and maintained

  • Add media

  • Escape routes defined and not blocked

  • Emergency contacts defined

  • Accidents / incidents reported

  • Accidents/incidents recorded and reviewed as applicable

  • Other - please define

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